Best Stock Market Trading Mobile Apps in India 2019

#1 – Moneycontrol App Best Stock Market Trading Mobile Apps in India 2019 It is amongst the most popular Android apps / IOS App for the Indian stock market. Referred as India’s no. 1 Finance app, it contains comprehensive features like late…


NordVPN Review 2024: Best VPN For 2024, Robust Layers Of Online Security And Privacy

In the rapidly evolving landscape of online security and privacy, choosing the right Virtual Private Network (VPN) is crucial. One name that consistently surfaces as a top player is NordVPN. As we step into 2023, let's dive deep into the NordVPN…


Google Nexus 7 (2013) vs Apple iPad mini

Google has recently released the second generation of Nexus 7 (2013). Besides being the first tablet to have an android version of 4.3 (Jelly bean level 18), it has low weight and  easy to handle and has a far better screen resolution and fast proce…


What is gstatic generate 204 captive portal login ISP page

Everyone on the planet might some time came across generate_204 captive portal login page, What is it actually? have you ever doubted! Gstatic Generate_204 captive portal is an Network Portal Detection service bundled with Google related services an…


'Fin' makes your Palm as Gesture Interface

Fin is a tiny hardware product that you can wear on the thumb of your hand as a ring and it will make your whole palm as a Gesture interface. For instance, a person driving a car can use Fin as their key, or take phone calls or control the music pla…


PhotoFunia turn photos into art without Photoshop

Making photos into beautiful art is a creative and tough thing to do, without knowing Photoshop basic's. Some people always feel it hard to learn Photoshop. Here is a online tool for people like you. Photofunia is a online photo editing service …


Whatsapp vs hike? Which is the best?

Instant messaging [IM] is being used widely in present days. It supports in all the smartphones and web devices, there are many different applications like Whatsapp, Nimbuzz, ChatOn, Wechat and other, these are apps works on user phone number (sms) …

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