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Google Cloud Datastore vs. Google Cloud Firestore as Native mode

Firestore is a cloud-hosted, fully-managed NoSQL document based Database / Database management system released by Google Cloud / Firebase., Firestore is being developed by Google Cloud Team with integration of multi DBaS system offered by Google. Firestore combiles multi database arch like Google Cloud Datastore and Firebase Realtime Database to offer a single NoSQL, multi scalable, realtime solution for edge / future applications. Which can maintain query consistency with offline support and real-time synchronisation and it works on Web, Android, iOS and has SDKs support for Java, Go, Python and Node.js ., REST and RPC APIs also fully supported by Cloud Firestore.

Fully supported by Google Appengine but currently has limitation of App Engine standard Python 2.7 and PHP 5.5 runtimes., Max writes per second is kept under 10000 until General availability of Firestore services, which will be further said to replace Google Cloud datastore in Google Cloud portfolio.  

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Get Andhra Pradesh SSC 2013 Results from the fastest sever. . .

Get SSC 2013 Results from the fastest sever. . . (TZSSC)

I think many of you might faced this problem when your checking your results over internet.
This happen because, the server on which the results are hosted has a specified bandwidth limits and the servers gets hanged when the limit exceeded. Then you will face some kind of server offline or time-out errors.

When you check results from the below link, it while shift to the server which works fine and under bandwidth limits.

Link 1 : ***

Link 2 :

""If the the sever goes overload. Then it will shift to other""

##### Results Will Available on/after 17.05.2013 @ 12:10 PM (links will available depending on availability) #####