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Techzost is a highly popular technology website on the internet that offers advertising and guest posting opportunities. By advertising with us, you can reach your target audience through the most popular tech destination for the latest technology updates. Working with us is a fun and hassle-free experience, and we offer a range of options to help meet your brand goals.

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Write for us / Guest post / Advertise / Sponsored post / Product reviews

Overall, if you are looking to write and publish an article or advertise with Techzost, it is easy to get started. Just follow the guidelines provided on the site and submit your work. With the site's large audience and commitment to quality content, your article or advertisement can have a significant impact and help you achieve your goals.

We welcome submissions related to a wide range of topics including technology, tech news, internet, computers, gadgets, education, AI, big data, machine learning, blockchain, security, cryptocurrency, digital marketing, web and mobile apps, business, VR/AR/MR, digital trends, software programming, networking, blogging, mobile apps, reviews and ratings, data science, growth hacking, marketing, telecommunications, science and technology, managed services, automobiles, RPA, smart home automation and security systems, guides, strategies, tactics, tips, and tricks. Contact us via email if you are interested in writing for us. Additionally, advertising on our website can be highly beneficial for your brand.

Guidelines for Guest Posting:

  • We only accept original, unique, and relevant content that is well-written.
  • Your post should be informative and have a minimum length of 800-2000 words.
  • Images included in the post must be original, licensed, or in the public domain.
  • The article should be well-structured with multiple sections and at least two subheadings.
  • All links within the post should be high-quality and relevant to the content.
  • The ideal ratio is one link per 600 words, and a maximum of 2-3 links, including the author's link.
  • Please include an author byline.
  • We carefully review all submissions and only publish posts that are well-written, engaging, unique, and informative.

Terms and Conditions for Guest Posting

  • Once published, a guest post on our blog cannot be deleted.
  • We reserve the right to remove your guest post if we discover any deceptive behavior.
  • Please allow 1-2 business days for us to review your article against our guidelines before publishing it on our website.
  • You are not allowed to publish the same post/article on other blogs or websites.
  • If a link becomes broken, we will remove it as soon as possible. You must submit a new request to add the link again.
  • We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time.
  • Links included within the article are valid for one year only. After that, we may revise or remove them without prior notice. However, your post will remain on our site indefinitely.

Please include the following in your email:

  • The article you wish to submit
  • Your full name
  • A profile picture of yourself
  • A 50-100 word bio about yourself (which may include a link to your website).
This is the required email format for both guest posting and advertising.

Here are some things we don't like and won't accept before you submit an article:

  • Don't submit an article or post that has already been published elsewhere.
  • Avoid submitting articles or posts that are purely promotional for your product or service. Your article should be informative and useful.
  • Once your article is published on our website, you cannot repost it on another blog or your own website. If we find the same content on other sites, we will remove it.
  • We do not accept links related to casino, gambling, payday loans, or adult websites.
If you have any questions about guest posting on Techzost, please let us know.

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