Do you use iPhone 6? Yes! Here are things you Didn't Know your iPhone 6 Could Do

There always a range of reasons for opting for a particular iPhone 6. Whether it’s the industry leading camera specs, the device’s longevity, sturdy built with its impeccable design, state-of-the art features and applications or maybe just for the sake of the iPhone as it still is pretty much of a status symbol in the country.

However, there are a multitude of hidden or let’s camouflaged features that you weren't probably aware of. I’ve accumulated the best 13 features of iPhone 6 that ain’t a part of the standard operations and are already incorporated in your phone without you even knowing about it. Take a look -

1. Respond to a text without leaving an app - In the iOS8.1, the notifications are now interactive that facilitate ease of response without having to multitask from your current working app. Simply pull the notification down from the top of the screen and type the response in the small text box provided.iphone6 faceoff comprision

2. Hide photos - Hiding photos, especially the embarrassment ones with the new hide feature on the iPhone 6. You can select which photos you wish to hide away in the ‘hidden folder’. Long-press on a photo and select the option which says hide.

3. Credit card scanner - Instead of typing in your credit card details whilst making a transaction via Safari, you can scan your card instead with the iPhone’s camera. Very simple and effective method for security reasons.

4. Bring back deleted photos - If you’ve accidentally deleted a photo, you can resurrect it and get it back by heading over to the ‘recently deleted’ album. This section automatically stores the deleted photos for 30 days before they wiped off forever.

5. Slow Motion Video on the iPhone 6 - You can shoot super-slow motion video on the iPhone 6, at about 240 frames per second. Capture videos at incredibly slow speeds, exhibiting dramatic movements that the naked can easily comprehend. All that you need to do is open the camera app, slide and select the 240FPS from the upper right. Record and include the options to start and stop the slow motion video.

6. ‘Send Last Location’ - A Send Last Location feature has been added, one that helps in relocating the iPhone. The GPS coordinates are instantly backed up to iCloud whenever the battery life is close to running out. A Safe haven for those who constantly misplace their phones!!!

7. Self-destructing photos - Apple appears to have taken a leaf out of the Guide-to-Snapchat with this new feature. When using the messages app, hold down the camera icon to open the application and that’s it. Any pictures sent from this end shall self-destruct within two minutes.

8. Siri/Shazam Integration - Siri is able to recognise the that are being played in your vicinity.

9. Keyboard enhancements - The new iPhones now offer context-sensitive predictive typing that claims to pick up on how we write and subsequently provides a list of words makes texting easier and efficient.
10. Systemwide Hindi support - Finally, you can set Hindi as the system language in iOS. Go to Settings > General > Language & Region > iPhone Language > Hindi.

11. Zoom controls - The new iPhone 6 has advanced zoom controls. Although this feature has been designed for the visually impaired, it's more than handy for the apps that don't support zoom-in (for eg Instagram).

12. GIF images, rich text formatting - You may add GIF images to Notes and use rich text formatting too. Select text, tap the tiny right arrow and tap 'BIU'.

13. Phone calls over Wifi - This comes more that handy when the carrier signal is low. The feature is completely restricted and limited due to the old-school carrier services being provided in the country. The new version of iOS 8 includes this option for making calls over the Wifi.


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