How to read articles without subscription

In this article we're going to cover on different methods available on How to read articles for free without subscription. We'll be discussing all 4 methods.

Remove sitemap.xml from Google Search Console

In this tutorial you know how to de-list or remove your website results from Google Search Engine.
Navigate to Google Search console, here you can see how your website is performing in Google Search. All the performance metrics relating to your website like referral urls, backlink domains, search keyword and geographical information which was gathered by Google Search is shown here, you can also use this information to improve website's search engine optimisation.

Voice Input Chrome extensions

We have made list of Apps and services you can use as voice input in chrome, these extension will make your voice into typed words and you can improve your productivity and multitasking, List of Voice Input Chrome extensions as follows.

After Binance Hack CEO Changpeng Zhao's Whats NEXT?

We made a list of things which After Binance Hack CEO Changpeng Zhao's had made some announcements in his latest AMA May 2019.

Microsoft Build 2019 highlight announcements in under 10 minutes

Microsoft’s annual developer conference, Microsoft Build 2019 highlights

Here’s a peek at some of the event’s highlights:

Check out the new features in Microsoft Edge built on Chromium OSS that will make it easier to collect, organize and share content, and give you additional privacy controls to make your own decisions about how third parties can track you.

Max Life Online Term Plan Plus Full Review

We are going to review few Goods things about Max Life Online Term Plan Plus Term Insurance policy. Today in the market customer who are trying enrolled into term insurance policy have plenty of options which makes the customers very difficult to take a Good decision. In this article will try make few effective points clear to you, so it would be easier to take choose a term insurance plan.

America's 20 Highest Grossing Movies till 2019

Hey couch potatoes here's list of america's favorites movies which made into 20 Highest Grossing Movies till 2019, These are Highest Grossing Movies ruled Box Office and made collections records.

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy S7 new features highlights

Galaxy S7 had announced recently at MWC 2016, Samsung is already started accepting pre-orders (since from 21 February) in many countries. Official said that Galaxy S7 smartphones will go for sale right from March 11. Starting from United States and United Kingdom, then other countries will be followed up... 

LG G5 Pre-Order Begins in United States on March 18 by BestBuy

LG G5 rockstar of the Mobile world congress 2016, It is rumored to be launched mid Q2 of 2016. Well there is no official words on the public launch date but we had recently said a UK based online shopping site list the LG G5 for Pre-orders for Rs 52,020 / £545.00 / $756 dollars.
Does your Facebook feed junk filled? [SOLVED]

Does your Facebook feed junk filled? [SOLVED]

More than a couple of months, I started noticing that my feeds aren't relevant to me.  My Facebook feed junk filled and full of sponsored content / ads etc. In my view, Junk means the information which is not more relevant / important to me. In below procedure we will show how can you clean / minimize your Facebook feed junk, to get clean Facebook news feed with stories.  This tutorial will be helpful for people who face similar problem of Facebook feed junk. By installing and enabling this browser extension, all sponsored content and irrelevant feeds are minimized to improve your relationship with your friends.

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Amazon Prime Day