Does your Facebook feed junk filled? [SOLVED]

More than a couple of months, I started noticing that my feeds aren't relevant to me.  My Facebook feed junk filled and full of sponsored content / ads etc. In my view, Junk means the information which is not more relevant / important to me. In below procedure we will show how can you clean / minimize your Facebook feed junk, to get clean Facebook news feed with stories.  This tutorial will be helpful for people who face similar problem of Facebook feed junk. By installing and enabling this browser extension, all sponsored content and irrelevant feeds are minimized to improve your relationship with your friends.

Let me explain how does this extension works. After you install this extension Its runs in background along with Google Chrome and monitors all your Facebook's feeds, posts and updates from your friends and pages which you had followed (Liked) before, It strictly filter out all the junk and sponsored content to show only important and relevant feeds / updates from friends and pages.

Install Facebook feed junk removal extension:

If you are using Google Chrome then visit this page,  To install from Chrome webstore by clicking the blue "Add to Chrome" button. If you run on mac machine then visit this page, automated addon download will start in your safari browser and your will be requested to confirm the installation.

Removing Facebook feed junk and sponsored content:

This extension currently works in two major browsers on Google Chrome and Apple Safari. Extension for Mozilla Firefox is expected but not guaranteed by developer jurajivan.

All you have to do, After Installing the above extension in your browser, Once you had installed then everything is configured silently you won't need to set up any extra settings... All Facebook feed junk filtering will be enabled upon the installation. If required you can also configure (in extension options) how you want to remove the Facebook feed junk. By hiding all posts that are not directly from your friends or pages you follow Hide completely or Just fade effect will be added to the sponsored content.

Hope you liked it, please leave your comments and suggestions.


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