Google Pay Go India Nainital Event Answers

This Google Pay Go India Nainital Event will begin from 12th December to 14th December 2020. In Google Pay Application open Go India Game. attend the quiz with answers below, Google Have Already Extended The Go India Game Upto 26th December 2020.

Diwali 2020: Google Pay Rangoli event answers, check how to play and win here

Diwali season brings in lots of offers and several opportunities to win prize money. This time, Google Pay allows you to win various scratch cards and vouchers with every transaction. The platform is hosting a ‘Go India’ game through which you have to take a virtual tour of 30 cities by December 25 and you will get a chance to win a reward of up to Rs. 501 and various brands discount coupons. 

IKEA credit card offers in India, IKEA Family Credit Card by Citi

IKEA is one of the largest furniture brands in the world as of 2020, and a manufacturer and supplier of ready-to-assemble furniture and homeware. The iconic furnishing store is an acronym: I for Ingvar; K for Komprad; E for Elmtyard (the farm where Komprad grew up); and A for Agunnaryd (Komprad’s hometown in southern Sweden). IKEA was founded 77 years ago by Ingvar Kamprad with its first store in Älmhult, Småland. IKEA is headquartered in Delft, Netherlands, and operates 433 locations worldwide in 52 countries. IKEA provides various types of payment methods cash, debit cards etc and IKEA credit card offers like discounts, cash backs, EMI with reduced interest rate.

IKEA is one of the Top furniture brand on the planet because of its huge online presence. IKEA's online ecommerce has more than 12,000 products which produce 2.1 billion page visits for each year. IKEA’s branding is known for not being pre-assembled, as much of its furniture is designed to be assembled. The main reason for this is to provide affordable products to its consumers by reducing costs.

In US, we have two varieties of IKEA Credit Card offers: 

IKEA Visa credit card offers you to earn on everyday purchases towards IKEA rewards. And 
IKEA Projekt credit card offers a low promotional rate to pay for a large IKEA purchase over time.

IKEA India newly launched IKEA Family Credit Card:

IKEA India aims to open 25 outlets across the country by 2025. The next store is slated to open in Mumbai, followed by Bangalore, Gurgaon (Haryana) and Delhi. Ikea plans to eventually spread its iconic blue-and-yellow stores across more than 40 Indian cities. The company said it will spend about 10 billion rupees ($145 million) on each store it opens in the country, according to CNN Business

IKEA Hyderabad is the first store of ikea in India. IKEA Hyderabad is fully operational and IKEA Online store Accepting orders for Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Surat & Vadodara. Same day delivery expected. 

IKEA credit card offers and IKEA Family Credit Card by Citi:

IKEA’s mission is to use its profits to invest back into its customers. 

IKEA India just launched its new Mastercard Credit Card, 

IKEA credit card offers by Citibank, to new and old ikea Family card membership holders.

IKEA Family Credit Card is Mastercard issued credit card Powered by Citibank.  

Introducing the IKEA Family Credit Card by Citi. A card that lets you create the home that you always wanted today and pay for it in easy installments. Not just that, the card also packs in a host of other amazing benefits, designed for you. What’s more? You can use this card anywhere and redeem the points at the IKEA store. Join ikea family member. 

Here are five benefits to having an IKEA Family Credit Card by Citi:

1. Instantly activated: Sign Up for new IKEA Family Credit Card at IKEA Hyderabad store at IKEA HITEC City. Google Maps Directions here.

2. Zero annual charges: Nill IKEA Family Credit Card / Membership charges and any joining fee. 

3. Easy EMI options: Convert your IKEA India purchase to EMIs for upto 48 months at an attractive interest rate of 13% p.a. at instore billing. 

4. Accelerated rewards points on spends: Get 3X Rewards on IKEA india spends, 4X on dining, 1X on other spends, all over the world. 

5. Instant payment with points: Redeem your reward points by shopping at IKEA. (5 reward points = re.1

As an Introductory offer for IKEA Family members. Get Rs.1000 cashback with your IKEA Family credit card by Citi. 

To get the IKEA Family credit card by Citi and avail its benefits, become an IKEA Family member here

*Original KYC documents required as per the RBI guidelines.
**T&Cs apply. Convert your IKEA purchases of INR 15,000 and above into easy EMIs. Choose EMIs at the time of checkout in IKEA, to avail the interest rate of 13% p.a.

Difference between Android Lollipop and Muffin

Google I/O 2015 going to be hosted at Moscone Center on 28th May, 2015. , It is the largest convention and exhibition complex in San Francisco, California and very suitable place for Google I/O 2015, This I/O, plenty of things will be unveiled during this event, but as we already know the forthcoming version of Nexus and Android ( its called 'Android M' aka Android Muffin -- as rumored ), going to be the center of attraction.

'Month: The Calender Widget' App Shows all events

'Month: The Calender Widget' App Shows all events

Most of us don't know when does a particular event occur  and if we want to know when the events like birthdays occur we usually open social networking sites like Google+, Facebook or web applications like Google calender etc.  Whenever we open these websites or other apps for this purpose, they consume more time. So, in order to know what are the events that occur today without opening any websites, there is an app called Month: The Calender Widget.

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WhatsApp vs Hike messenger? [December 2014 UPDATE]

WhatsApp vs Hike messenger? [December 2014 UPDATE]

The present generation is highly interested in new technologies and many companies are investing a lot to take advantage of this demand for newer applications, games, etc. Sending messages, images, videos over the internet have all become quite regular now thanks to the recent development of applications such as Whatsapp and Hike. These two are the leading instant messaging applications for smart phones. Smart phones have become very common these days; everybody seems to have a smart phone.
Moto 360 features, why it is the best smartwatch.?

Moto 360 features, why it is the best smartwatch.?

Moto 360 is the first smartwatch made by motorola which is powered by Android Wear operating system.Android wear OS is specifically designed for smart watches.Moto 360 has Circular screen unlike LG G watch and Samsung Gear Live's square screens which are other smart watches running on Android wear.It pairs with Android smartphone through Bluetooth.

Difference between Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

Difference between Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

Difference between Windows 8 and Windows 8.1Windows has released its stable version and first major update to the operating system windows 8.1(v6.3.9600) on 17th of October 2013. It has been over 11 months since the windows 8 has released for general availability. In the windows 8 it had various changes in the UI to improve the user experience in touch based devices such as tablets. Many Users and reviewers criticised the initial release of windows 8 with the absence of start button on the desktop. Now with the latest update revamps with the start button on desktop and functionality within the "Metro" shell.Additional customization options (such as expanded color choices, new tile sizes, new backgrounds, the ability to use the desktop wallpaper as its background, and the ability to default to the "All Apps" view) were also added to the Start screen.
Rent a Facebook girlfriend; she does whatever you want.

Rent a Facebook girlfriend; she does whatever you want.

A Beautiful Young Girl Isolated On A White Background techzost facebook girlfriend buy rentNow you can rent a Facebook girl friend  for less has 5 US dollars for 15 days, and she will do whatever you want. She can comment, share, like, upload images & write on Facebook timeline. She makes your friends feel jealous by posting some sexy comments. You can also make her to do some extra fun to make a video telling whatever you want, but you have to pay some extra money. Price plans are available from $5 to $50 depending upon your service request.
3 Simple Ways to Increase Website Conversion Rates

3 Simple Ways to Increase Website Conversion Rates

web-analytics-large-techzostMost business owners hope that their marketing efforts will pay off, and that people will actually buy the goods and services that they offer. While this may be a straightforward aspect of business, it may not be the easiest thing to do if you own a website and are interested in turning your site visitors into actual consumers of your merchandize. In this post, we'll take a look at the concept of conversion, and discuss three ways in which you can effectively influence conversion rates.

Amazon Affilate

Amazon Prime Day