Quite foolish things you do on facebook

Facebook, a widely used social networking service offers a wide range of privacy options to its users. A Facebook user has an ability to manage his/her privacy actions based upon his/her personal interests as to visible to everyone, keep communications private and block specific connections.

You do not filter your news feeds

It is usual that many users may not filter their news feeds, having a lot of friends and the pages you like may create you a long list of news feeds and sometimes makes unusual crap which you actually don't want to read.

You can simply "unfollow" them by clicking on the down facing triangle present on the upper right side of the post by actually without unfriending them. It is a great way from constant post who may annoy you.

filter your news feeds

You friend everybody

Am I right? Most of the people may accept the friend requests from people who they actually do not know. You accept friend requests just for the sake of Friends count but Facebook was designed so you could add friends who are actually your friends. By adding all the friends who you do not actually know, you could share your personal information to all your friends list who are actually not your friends though there are lot of options. Its better to manage your posts to certain people who you wish to.

You make your Email inbox to spam with Facebook content

Though it is essential to keep your email linked with your facebook account to know certain useful post made by one of your friends, but they overwhelm when you get too many. But you can easily manage by altering certain settings.

You spend most of your time on Facebook

How much time do you spend your time on Facebook? Probably a lot of it. People waste their valuable time by chatting with their friends. You can actually manage the activities by disabling a lot of features and locking down your privacy settings. if it is difficult, you can keep a time track of yourself.

You do not manage your privacy settings

Yes, lot of Facebook users do not manage their privacy settings thinking that they are kind of weird, consumes a lot of time, or they didn't understand. But it is not hard to do. Just visit privacy settings page and don't allow anything.

You may not regularly audit your approved apps

This could certainly happen when you are participating in games, answering survey questions, or just to know some thing for one particular post. These apps have access to lot of information to your personal data such as basically interacting with half of the stuff your friends post to their news feeds etc. You don't even know exactly what they are seeing and what they are doing with it, so there is the need to regularly audit your apps for atleast once a month.
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