Sony sells Vaio, from now JIP will manufacture Vaio laptops

[caption id="attachment_5991" align="alignright" width="150"]End of Sony Vaio End of Sony Vaio[/caption]

PC making business. Sony’s Vaio PC was one of the most intriguing and stylish laptops produced in the market. Vaio PC was an instant hit in the PC business. Sony Vaio’s solid and stylish design along with great specifications escalated its sales. Sony’s Vaio brand gave tough competition to companies like Apple, HP, etc. Unfortunately, Sony has made a decision to quit PC industry. Sony will now totally stop the manufacturing of PC Products internationally. The Vaio PC is now sold to a Japanese company. Good news is that the product will continue to be manufactured and sold in Japan according to requirements of the Japanese market.

One of the reasons for the downfall of Sony’s PC business is the worldwide increase in production of tablets and notebooks. Tablets are the new trend among the public worldwide. Tablets are considerably smaller in size and are light weight and can be easily carried around when compared to laptops.

Sony’s Vaio still has a great following and it is sad news for all Sony Vaio users. Financial problems seem to be the other reason for the selling of Vaio PC brand. The new Japanese company will now manufacture Vaio products only for Japanese market. Vaio brand will not be sold worldwide. With the sale of PC business, Sony now seems to be concentrating more on gaming, television and mobile products.

The Japanese Industrial Partners or JIP Inc will now take charge of Vaio brand. It has been learnt that JIP Inc will hire up to 300 employees for the planning, design, development, manufacturing and sales of the PC business in Japan. JIP Inc will concentrate mainly on the Japanese market but there might be a possibility of expanding the sales overseas as well. For now, that possibility is a long way away.

The good news is that Sony Vaio PC users need not worry about the service for their laptops, it has been learnt that Sony will continue to offer its services for the current and new users!
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