Best Backpack and Laptop bag for techie travellers

It’s always a frustrating thing when you can’t fit your laptop into your backpack. Often we come across many backpacks which cannot fit a laptop of sizes up to 18.4”. Even if we are able to fit the laptop, there isn’t much space left out to fill other equipment. Now, this can be a frustrating situation. A common man has many requirements and here are some of the laptop backpacks which can fulfil those requirements.

TITAN XXL Laptop backpack EKP120 $169.99 ( 10218.95 Indian Rupees )

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Titan Checkpoint is one of those backpacks which will fulfil all the requirements. It is very spacious and has a great look to it. You’ll be able to fit a full-sized laptop as well as all other equipment without any problems. One of the key features is comfort. It is made with durable nylon exterior. It comes with soft padding across the shoulder and also has deep airflow channels which help in circulation; it also comes with a chest strap to maintain balance. It is very spacious and one can easily pack items such as iPad, tablets, business cards, writing utensils, and many other gadgets etc. It also comes with a water-resistant weather cover to protect the equipment.



  • Model EKP120

  • Fits laptops up to 18.4 in (46, 74 cm)

  • Laptop compartment12.99 x 1.97 x 20.47 in (33 x 5 x 52 cm)

  • External dimensions14.96 x 8.27 x 21.26 in (38 x 21 x 54 cm)

  • Bag weight 4.42 lbs (2, 01 kg)

23TITAN Checkpoint Friendly Laptop

Notable Features:

  • Ergonomic Back panel, 5-point Balance Strap System.

  • Water-Resistant Weather Cover.

  • Zippered Media Player Compartment and Headphone outlet.

  • It is very spacious and has lot of compartments.

This backpack also comes with a Lifetime Warranty Protection, with this you can be tension free as this warranty will protect your backpack against any defects throughout the lifetime of the product.


BEACON Laptop Bag w/Gaming Console Sleeve for $100.99 ( 6072.02 Indian Rupees )

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If you are a gaming addict and if you have to carry your gaming devices wherever you want without any hassles, this BEACON bag will perfectly suit your needs. This not only has the ability to store your gaming device, it can also store a laptop over 18”. Overall, it’s a complete and perfect product for a gamer which ensures great protection. This bag has a great look and also comes with 5-point balance strap and aero-flow padded back and shoulder protection. This bag also comes with water resistant weather cover which protects your equipment in harsh conditions.


  • Model EKP117NBKCT

  • Fits laptops up to 18 in

  • Laptop compartment 12.20 x 1.77 x 18.11 in (31 x 4.5 x 46 cm)

  • External dimensions 16.93 x 6.3 x 20.87 in (43 x 16 x 53 cm)

  • Bag weight 3.53 lbs (1.6 kg)

Notable Features:

  • Very spacious with removable sleeve for your gaming devices such as WIi, Xbox 360, PS3, etc.

  • 5-point balance strap system.

  • Water resistant Weather cover.

  • Easy-lift dual handles

  • It comes with a headphone cable management system.

  • It also comes with an optional hidden stash compartment to protect your documents.


FLIGHT Checkpoint Friendly Laptop for $87.89 ( 5276.92 Indian Rupees ) 

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If you are a frequent air traveller, you might be looking for a laptop which is easy to pass by airport check points. This bag is made for that and it looks very good and is also very spacious. Laptops of up to 16” can easily fit in this backpack. It comes with 5-point balance strap system, chest strap and also deep airflow channels which comfort your shoulders.




  • Model EKP119

  • Fits laptops up to 16 in (40,64 cm)

  • Laptop compartment 10.83 x 1.57 x 15.35 in (27.5 x 4 x 39 cm)

  • External dimensions 12.99 x 9.45 x 17.72 in (33 x 24 x 45 cm)

  • Bag weight 3.2 lbs (1.5 kg)


Notable Features:

  • Easy-Access side pockets.

  • Headphone/Audio Cable Output

  • Checkpoint friendly

  • 5-point Balance Strap System

  • Water bottle loop

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