Auto Publish Youtube videos on facebook and Twitter

You may be dreaming of your YouTube channel hitting a lot of page views and thus earning a lot of money to you. If you publish your YouTube videos on to different social networking sites like Facebook and twitter you can generate page views to some extent. But publishing each and every YouTube video is some what time taking and hard to do task after making a YouTube video. Login to different social networks uploading them is difficult to do task. We may also completely ignore promoting our YouTube videos because of lack of patience after long video casting and editing them.

So here is the easy and most effective solution to auto publish YouTube videos on Facebook and twitter. So what we need in order to make this possible, read on further to know more on how to get your YouTube videos published automatically to social networking sites.

What We need to Publish YouTube Videos on Facebook and Twitter Automatically

1) A YouTube feed (Feed of the user how wants to publish his content to Facebook and twitter).

2) Integrating YouTube feed with website

Getting YouTube Feed for a User/Channel

This is very easy task. If you don't know how to get a YouTube feed for your channel. Follow below URL and just observe the below image.

YouTube Feed URL:

Follow Above URL and replace YOURCHANNELNAME with your channel ID or User name.

For Example:

Now after getting YouTube feed successfully you have to integrate it with

[caption id="attachment_5937" align="aligncenter" width="504"]Youtube feed url for auto publishing videos facebook twitter YouTube feed url for auto publishing videos to Facebook, Twitter[/caption]

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Integrating YouTube Feed with Website

Here in website, you can use any feed url and connect it to Facebook and twitter accounts. After a succesful integration of your feed url to Facebook and twitter this website will fetch any new content from the feed url and automatically post it to your Facebook and twitter.

Note: You can also integrate LinkedIn and other social Network accounts. To auto publish to more accounts other than Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn, you should be a subscribed user in that website. It's free to auto publish content to Facebook and twitter.

Now we have our YouTube feed for our channel and also account successfully setup(use this link to sign up for free). Add a router by entering in your YouTube feed URL. On the right side you can choose Facebook and twitter to add them to your destination point for sharing your YouTube videos automatically.

Once you verify a YouTube feed URL and setup Facebook and twitter as destination points, dlvr will automatically fetch for the new videos from YouTube  and post it in to your Facebook and twitter accounts automatically.

auto publish youtube videos  facebook twitter

This process of publishing YouTube videos is done automatically once you integrate YouTube feed url with Facebook and twitter. Now you can auto publish YouTube videos to Facebook and twitter instantly after publishing them in your YouTube channel.
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