Smartphones that are expected at MWC 2014

TECHZOST MWCAs CES event has finished months back, here is an another event MWC (Mobile World Congress) which is going to be held in this month on 24th Feb 2014 where Mark Zuckerberg will charm the stage. This is the event where different mobiles are revealed out various companies are preparing to show their new flagship models. In the past year 2013 mainly concentrated on the hardware components and here now in 2014 it completely representing the mobile technology.

Different companies like Samsung demonstrated about its Galaxy S4, Sony demonstrated its Sony Xperia Z. Here there will be all new amazing wonder of the smartphone world.

What mobiles to be expected from MWC 2014:


Many windows phones have been brought out many of the windows are being used for the business and in many other official purposes. Few weeks back Nokia has bought the two Lumia series phones, Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520, more over another two smartphones have been rumoured from Lumia side Lumia 1820 and Lumia 2020 and more 8-inch tablet. As recently a new update of operating system windows 8.1 is going to be set up in these upcoming Lumia series phones.

Nokia Lumia techzost

Another confidential news is that Nokia is planning to skin a new smartphone with the Android operating system, this news may be no longer liable these news will be revealed at event.

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The expectations on the Samsung Galaxy S5  is no more at MWC, the Samsung has dropped Galaxy S5 out from MWC event by announcing Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 lite this made the Samsnung users a bit depressed.

More over its another flagship dual-boot operating system version is to be set in this event, Samsung tablet with the 13 inch display will be arriving with both the Android and Windows operating systems which is much awaited feature to be used.

samsunggalaxys5 TECHZOST

Many other gadgets like Galaxy Gear 2, Galaxy Grand Neo and so other devices will be rolling out from Samsung at MWC.


HTC has set many smartphones all the years like HTC One X and HTC One s, now here 2014 the much rumoured smartphone HTC M8 has all set to reveal out to the market from MWC.

htc techzost

This is the best ever smart phone from the HTC to build up with the Ram of 3 GB and with the quad-core processor with the display of 5 inch and the latest version of the Android operating system 4.4 kitkat with the HTC sense 6.0 user interface, but along with this HTC hasn’t  revealed any details of its camera this made to knock the heads of the customers.


The most widely spread talk is about Xperia Z2, lots of rumours made a huge expectations on this smartphone, the smartphone Xperia Z2 is as same as the related to the design concept of Xperis Z1, Z2 is featured as 5.2 inch 2560×1440 display  which is a full HD display of 1080p, Snapdragon 800-based MSM8974AB SoC, a battery backed by 3700 mAh battery. But it doesn't appear to be different from the Xperia series this design may be also same compared to the Xperia Z1. The most interesting feature featured is the camera of 20.7 mega pixels with a Xenon flash which captures a better camera shots in low-light conditions and the QX Sony camera lens can also be used for the better photography. The display is set-up for Sony Xperia Z2 with the 2k resolution, SHARP’s IGZ0 which makes a great screen display which reduces the power consumption up to 90%.


It is also has an idea of exploring the confidential news about a plan of having a tablet.



LG may much doesn't  roll at MWC it has many different smartphones, but here is  a hope on LG G2 Pro a new phablet version may be scrolled out and other is that it is building same as Samsung, LG plans to have a new firm like LG G2 mini as same like S4 mini this news may clearly revealed at MWC.

These are the not exact news, but these are the smart pones that are expected to show off at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2014
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