OCZ Z Drive-R4 is a PCIe SSD holds 3.2 TB; price ~10 Lakh

The OCZ Z-Drive R4 Series represents a major point in the change of PCIe absorbed solid accessory accumulator by amalgamation the best affection sets of both the authentic appurtenances and reliable software based approaches to abstracts management. OCZ's enterprise drives are fully customizable  controller, firmware and NAND type on-board. If you want an SF-2000 drive with SAS support and SLC NAND, OCZ will build it for you.

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  • New hardware and software storage system that involve managed solutions with integrated technology

  • Cost-effective MLC-based design with best-in-class endurance.

  • Advanced feature-set includes user-selectable data recovery & non-stop modes.

  • Proprietary Virtualized Controller Architecture (VCA) 2.0.

  • Data fail recovery ensures superior reliability.

  • Intelligent block management & wear-levelling for increased endurance.

  •  Advanced security with 256-bit AES encryption support.

  • Strong error correction for enhanced data integrity

  •  It includes power loss data protection.

The xM84s are half height solutions with four controllers while the xM88s are full height with eight controllers.  The main difference there is the support for power failure protection. The R-series boards have an array of capacitors that can store enough charge to flush all pending NAND arrays in the event of a power failure. The C-series boards do not have this feature. This is a best feature in the R-series


The key specifications:

CPUIntel Core i7 965 running at 3.2GHz (Turbo & EIST Disabled) for Enterprise Bench
Intel Core i7 2600K running at 3.4GHz (Turbo & EIST Disabled) - for AT SB 2011, AS SSD & ATTO
MotherboardIntel DX58SO (Intel X58), Intel H67 Motherboard
ChipsetIntel H67, Intel X58
Chipset DriversIntel + Intel RST 10.2
Operatin systemWindows 7 x64
Video CardeVGA GeForce GTX 285
Video DriversNVIDIA ForceWare 190.38 64-bit
Desktop Resolution1920 x 1200
Flash Memory TypeMLC-Flash
ControllerSandForce 2281
Form FactorHalf Height PCIe
MemoryQimonda DDR3-1333 4 x 1GB (7-7-7-20)
Power consumption16W


Z-Drive R4 is a multi-controller PCIe solution that uses either 4 or 8 SF-2000 controllers behind a SAS-to-PCIe 2.0 x8 controller.

Capacity (GB)300/600/1200800/600/1200300/600/1200800/1600/3200
InterfacePCle x8 Gen 2PCle x8 Gen 2PCle x8 Gen 2PCle x8 Gen 2
SSD controller4 x SF-22828 x SF-22828 x SF-25828 x SF-2582
Max Read2000MB/s2800MB/s2800MB/s2800MB/s
Max Write2000MB/s2800MB/s2800MB/s2800MB/s
Power Failure ProductionNoNOyesYes

OCZ's Z-Drive R4 C series, the PCIe-based SSDs is created specifically for the professional servers, this is mainly divided as the full height CM88 and the half height CM84. These have the capacities ranging from 300GB to 3.2TB by utilizing the SandForce 2281 controllers.
The cost of this OCZ Z-drive is ~1 Lakh
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