Google and Microsoft announces Abuse Against Child Pornography

child pornographyGoogle executive director “ERIC SCHMIDT “has announced that they will shortly open block links for child pornography material within the next six months. He was introduced because many child were integrated to this type of sites. In British newspaper daily mail, Schmidt said that Google and Microsoft have started the team of more than 200 experts working on new technology to address this attention. As per Google’s   site the child abused to watch sexual material from the search engines. For opposing the sexual habitats to the child by internet and they effused to do the wrong things. By explain the child about the usages of warnings at the of more than 13,000 search results.On Monday in London, both Google and Microsoft announced tightened measures on blocking searches for child porn and images of child abuse. Furthermore, a technology that identifies child sexual abuse videos on YouTube is undergoing testing right now. eric-schmidt 1These measures are currently live in English-speaking countries, but they will be expanded to the rest of the world, covering 158 other languages, within the next six months. Schmidt has algorithm on this effect and Google cannot prevent paedophiles adding new images and videos this was cleaned up the results  over 100,000 enquiries that related to sexual abuse of children. Google and Microsoft have comes a long way, “UK Prime Minister David Cameron told Daily Mail”. A recent deterrence campaign from Google led to a 20 per cent drop off in people trying to find illegal content, so we know this sort of action will make a difference, he said. While society will never bother about depravity so,everything in our hands to protect from harm, this was sexual opinions to do rape on the attacking on girls. The mistakes lead to spoil the child entire his life. But Julia Davidson, professor of criminology and director of research in criminology at Kingston University, told The Journal that she thinks it unlikely that most offenders will be using search engines to find such materials. 
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