Airtel my plan, Now create your own postpaid plan

AIRTEL_F_V_RGB_3DBharti Airtel is an Indian multinational telecommunications services company, now airtel had came up with an amazing offer for Indian airtel postpaid mobile customers. Now airtel postpaid customers can create their own postpaid plan. This service is named as Airtel MyPlan, the service is very useful for every airtel customer. People usually spend on the local calls, some spend on STD calls and some spend on the data, for these people My plan is much useful in preferring their plan.

If you are a prepaid customer you can shift to postpaid and use airtel myplan service.

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Airtel postpaid user will get five rental pack options with price ranging from Rs 199 to Rs 999. Each of these rental packs will come with pre-decided my Pack units that would let users to customize their plan by selecting these many units of any of the services from my Packs.

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Airtel my Plan service starts from monthly rental charge of RS. 199 - RS. 999

Airtel myPlan Rs: 199 : MyPlan 199 gives you 3 packs

Airtel myPlan Rs: 299 : MyPlan 199 gives you 8 packs

Airtel myPlan Rs: 399 : MyPlan 199 gives you 12 packs

Airtel myPlan Rs: 599 : MyPlan 199 gives you 20 packs

Airtel myPlan Rs: 999 : MyPlan 199 gives you 50 packs


The plans are available in different types for Example if you are looking forward to purchase a plan INR 199 you can choose two service from my packs. My packs include data packs options, calling options, STD and SMS options.

You can access more information about the My plan by dialing 08800088000.
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