What is gstatic generate 204 captive portal login ISP page

Everyone on the planet might some time came across generate_204 captive portal login page, What is it actually? have you ever doubted! Gstatic Generate_204 captive portal is an Network Portal Detection service bundled with Google related services and with hardware devices like Android smartphone, Android tablet, Android TV, Google TV, Google Chrome, Google Chrome background services,  Chromebook, Chrome OS Shill and other Chromium services.   

Google Photos free storage ends soon, Google One Storage discount upto 50%

Google recently announced that the unlimited storage will be discontinued, Google Photos free storage ends soon, Google One Storage discount upto 50%. To add new photos and videos on Google Photos, Users need to upgrade storage options through Google One subscription service over built in free 15GB to continue enjoying cloud storage service for Google mail, Google Drive, Google Photos and more.

Google Pay Go India Nainital Event Answers

This Google Pay Go India Nainital Event will begin from 12th December to 14th December 2020. In Google Pay Application open Go India Game. attend the quiz with answers below, Google Have Already Extended The Go India Game Upto 26th December 2020.

How to install Google Camera 8.0 on oneplus smartphones

Google Pixel smartphones always have the best software available on the android ecosystem, GCAM / Google Camera is one of the best functional camera application available on, GCAM uses most advanced imaging techniques and machine learning technologies to pixels to life. 

Diwali 2020: Google Pay Rangoli event answers, check how to play and win here

Diwali season brings in lots of offers and several opportunities to win prize money. This time, Google Pay allows you to win various scratch cards and vouchers with every transaction. The platform is hosting a ‘Go India’ game through which you have to take a virtual tour of 30 cities by December 25 and you will get a chance to win a reward of up to Rs. 501 and various brands discount coupons. 

30+ Bulk Online Ping Tools List 2020 - Search engine Indexing

30+ Bulk Online Ping Tools List 2020 - Search engine Indexing - Techzost blog
30+ Bulk Online Ping Tools List 2020
Google and other search engines appreciate material that's interesting and special. Google search ratings are made up of websites with great content. Would you think material on its own helps to rate the best SERP? How do you let Google know about faster indexing of your content and restoring backlinks to your site? Try these Bulk Online Ping Tools List 2020 to submit your website, Online Ping domain submission tools make it an easy task to index in search engines. Free Backlink Generator, BackLink Generator, Search Engine Submission and Ping Service with a keyword suggestion tool which the most effective backlink SEO service links below.

AdSense high paying keywords for 2020

If you are using Adsense to earn money from your sites, you need to create a good niches content in your website and analysis which keywords bring you high traffic to your website. So you can optimize your website with high paying Google adsense keywords, which can bring you high traffic and good potential to earn from Display ads, Text ads, Link unit ads, In-feed ads, Feed ads, In-article ads, Matched content ads, Video ads, Games ads, Mobile ads, Mobile / Smartphone optimized ads and Mobile Full Screen ads. Well the placement of Adsense Ads is also very important without render blocking.

Sony latest Android 10 Smartphones

Sony Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 will be the first set of devices to taste the latest iteration of Android, the company said in a statement recently. Meanwhile, Xperia 10 and 10 Plus, will get the update in early 2020, alongside older devices like the Xperia XZ2, XZ2 Compact, XZ2 Premium, and XZ3.

How to FIX excessive DOM size elements in Google pagespeed insights

As covered by Google, an excessive DOM (Document Object Model AKA web page) can harm your web page performance.  It is recommended that your web page have no more than 1500 nodes, be no more than 32 nested levels deep, or have any parent node that has more than 60 child nodes.

SEO factors to Boost your New Website Launch

When you're getting a new website off the ground, knowing exactly what to measure will make or break your success. But with all the metrics that Google Analytics and other platforms offer, it's easy to get lost. So, you know what?

Make your Computer Internet and Google Chrome use Good DNS

DNS is address lookup directory, which holds the ip address for domain namespace. numeric IP address are hard to remenber for people like us. DNS binds the numeric IP address with a proper name character string which can be related to that brand.

How to fix “Disallowed attribute or attribute value present in HTML tag”

This error occurs when the property name inside an attribute isn’t allowed.

Download new Play Store updated with Material Design 2

The Google Play store has now crossed 2 billion active users which clearly makes a strong marketplace for Android Applications and Games and digital content as Music, Movies, eBooks, Audio books.

122+ announcements from Google Cloud NEXT 2019

122+ announcements from Google Cloud NEXT 2019 - Techzost blog
122+ announcements from Google Cloud NEXT 2019


1. Google announced two new regions in Seoul, South Korea and Salt Lake City, Utah to expand our global footprint and to support our growing customers around the world.

Google Cloud Datastore vs. Google Cloud Firestore as Native mode

Firestore is a cloud-hosted, fully-managed NoSQL document based Database / Database management system released by Google Cloud / Firebase. Firestore is being developed by Google Cloud Team with integration of multi DBaS system offered by Google. Firestore combiles multi database arch like Google Cloud Datastore and Firebase Realtime Database to offer a single NoSQL, multi scalable, realtime solution for edge / future applications. Which can maintain query consistency with offline support and real-time synchronisation and it works on Web, Android, iOS and has SDKs support for Java, Go, Python and Node.js ., REST and RPC APIs also fully supported by Cloud Firestore.
Buy Budget friendly LG H791 Nexus 5X on Amazon

Buy Budget friendly LG H791 Nexus 5X on Amazon

Recent leak from Amazon India had confirmed the specifications of upcoming next iteration of nexus smartphone, we know that for Google it's going hard to digest the leak. Google maintains high confidentiality on the things they were working on. This leak confirms the name, model and specifications of LG H791 Nexus 5X on Amazon (as spotted on).

Amazon Prime Day