How to Integrate Voidtools Everything in Windows 10 Search

Voidtools Everything search tool is a freeware must have windows application which can really boost your predictive to next level. Personal Search engine for your Computer as good as Google.

Download Instagram user photos to computer via instaport

Download Instagram user photos to computer via instaport

Today we are going to uncover the process of downloading all your instagram images and videos. Instaport is an web application powered by Node.js technology, It allows users to filter and download their photos and videos within short time. Instaport grabs your instagram content by using user credentials, then it neatly packs all your images and videos into an compressed zip archive file. Instaport can also used to photos of your instagrams (If you had liked ♥ them). This process creates an backup archive of user, this doesn't delete or effect and original content on the Instagram servers. Its safe, secure and free to use.

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