How to read articles without subscription

In this article we're going to cover on different methods available on How to read articles for free without subscription. We'll be discussing all 4 methods.

1. Installing Browser extension to access articles without subscription 

This is methods is available for users with Google Chrome Browser and for Firefox Browser. By installing Browser extension, this extension bypass's subscription checker service and unlock all articles on medium and you can read all articles beyond 3 articles per month free limit.

How to read articles without subscription  - Techzost blog
How to read articles without subscription  - Techzost blog

To read articles for free without subscription on Google Chrome Browser: 

Follow the below steps to add the extension to your Google Chrome browser:

  • Open the Extension Manager by following:
    • Kebab menu(⋮) -> More Tools -> Extensions
  • If the developer mode is not turned on, turn it on by clicking the toggle in the top right corner
  • Download the extension file from here.
  • Extract the downloaded .zip file and note the extracted path
  • Now click on Load unpacked button on the top left and select the extracted folder
  • You are all-set now, head over to and enjoy the articles!

To read articles for free without subscription on Firefox Quantum Browser : 

Head over to the firefox addons store and install the Medium-Unlimited addon.

2. Bypass Medium’s Paywall/Subscription and read all the articles using Twitter 

On 28 February 2019, Medium CEO, Ev Williams announced that all 's paid articles can be accessed for free, if accessed via Twitter. If someone posts a medium link on twitter, it will open the article directly bypassing its Paywall.

So to read all the articles on Medium’s Paywall/Subscription for free using Twitter

  • Send a Direct Message to self with Medium article link in the message body. (or)
  • You could tweet the article link on twitter and open the link from Twitter. 

Both ways should access you to read all the articles in for free.

3. Read articles for free Using Incognito Mode in your browser

Whenever you reach a limit on Medium, just copy the link of the article you want to read and open it in a Private/Incognito window of your browser and it should open just fine.

4. By accessing the article which has be cached previouly and sites cache the Internet content from time to time, you could access from them or search for any search engine cached pages. 


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