Quantum Computer for Personal Gaming

Quantum Computer for Personal Gaming is myth or future. D-Wave is the only company which builds quantum computers, they sold it only for two companies till now, NASA and Google. They purchased quantum computer in year 2013, after performing extensive testings for two years they here by the end of 2015. Google and NASA Officials announced that "these computers are capable of solving problem math problems 100 millions times faster than current traditional binary computer by using Quantum Qubits".

Quantum Computer for Personal Gaming - Techzost blog
Quantum Computer for Personal Gaming - Techzost blog

Think about it, A Quantum Computer is x100 million times faster than our computers, what could it be used for... don't Bombard on your mind with thoughts, these are not general purpose computers. They can't do all the tasks which you through on it. Today's traditional computers can only understands binary language, which is language of '0' or '1'. These are the only states a computer can understand, Yes I means it. Even from Calculators to high supercomputers in the most advance Research Labs. These all uses binary language for executing instructions / operations on the computer.  But in Quantum Computers they uses qubits, the quantum analogue of the classical bit. A qubit is a two-state quantum-mechanical system, such as the polarization of a single photon: here the two states are vertical polarization and horizontal polarization. A qubit can be in '0' or '1' or '0 & 1' (at the same time) states.

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To apply Quantum Computing for Personal Gaming

Quantum computing is much nonlinear because of that it conclude much faster and very accurate. But there's a problem binary bits are predictable able but qubits are not. (Not going into much technical) So Quantum Computer for Personal Gaming is bad idea, at least for now. Until Game developers figure how to handle the situations. But there is a bright future for Quantum Computing for Personal Gaming field, with the implementation of artificial intelligence...

We may cont enjoy it. I'm sure our Children / Grand Children going to LOVE it as their birthday present.

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