You should wait before upgrading your Sony Vaio for Windows 10

Do you own a Sony Vaio OEM Laptop, if yes here is a good news for you. Recently Sony Vaio made announcement regarding the Support from Sony for Windows 10 will vary by model and upgrade information, drivers / applications, upgrade instructions will be available for public according to schedules.

Sony has confirmed, it is preparing to provide information about 'Sony Vaio for Windows 10' Upgrade program for supported VAIO models.

We are testing supported models and will be providing the results as quickly as possible. We plan to release Windows 10 upgrade information and, for Windows 8 and 8.1 models, drivers, applications and detailed information on the schedule below based on the operating system originally installed on the PC.
Said by Sony -- Posted on Sony eSupport

Please see the release schedule below for upgrade information, drivers / applications, and upgrade instructions.

You should wait before upgrading your Sony Vaio for Windows 10

Upgrade Instructions and Drivers/Applications
Original Operating System of PCUpgrade informationUpgrade instructions & Drivers / Applications
            Windows 8.1 PreinstalledAugust 2015  October 2015
            Windows 8 PreinstalledAugust 2015  November 2015

Information regarding Limitation and Issues

Original Operating System of PCUpgrade information
Windows 7 SP1 PreinstalledAugust 2015

IMPORTANT: Bookmark this page and check back here before upgrading to Windows 10 for the latest information for your VAIO PC model.

Sony Vaio for Windows 10 drivers download here
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