Google April Fools prank 2015: Google launched two new services , Google Panda and Google Smartbox

Google was always curious about April fools prank, from many years Google is bring something different to people on the occasion of April fools day (on April 1st). Well this year, Google had recently announced its two new products, they are know as Google Smartbox by Inbox and Google Panda. We hope you enjoy these below pranks. Happy april fools day ;)

Google Smartbox by Inbox

Smartbox—a better, smarter mailbox that fuses physical mail with everything you love about the electronic kind:

Smartbox is currently in field trial—stuck in the ground, in a field—for Inbox by Gmail customers. If you’re not yet using Inbox, simply email anytime before April 2 to be invited, and to reserve your spot on the Smartbox waitlist.


Google Panda

With state of the art emotional and conversational intelligence, Google Panda changes the face of search. From the smallest child to the grandparent who’s never used a computer, anyone who can ask a question can own and love a Google Panda.

Now available in Japan, Google Panda comes in classic black and white, offering answers and hugs in two sizes: Panda 5 and Panda 6.

To learn more about Google Panda, here’s a video from our announcement event today with VP of Engineering, Chris Yerga:

It’s a product so brilliant you can ask it anything, but so cute, you’re gonna want to hug it.

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