Find lost or stolen android smartphone, FREE

Did you lost your android device? or Is someone had stolen android smartphone, If yes, you no need to worry. Now you can track and get your smartphone back, even if haven't installed any tracking application on your smartphone.

Earlier Google had launched Android Device Manager, Android Device Manager makes it easy to locate, ring, or wipe your device from the web. Its similar to anti-theft applications available on play store. But Android device manager offers fewer features compared to some free anti theft applications available on android play store. In addition to this services Google had recently upgrade its search engine, which integrated android device manager into Google search directly, So anyone can access their device geolocation devices by simply entering " Find my phone " into Google search box.  

Remote operations on Stolen android smartphone :Find lost or stolen android smartphone, FREE

  • Map - Geo locate your smartphone (for some extend distance), overview of devices location is shown, may be accurate.

  • Ring - Rings your smartphone louder continuously  for 5 minutes. This will be triggered even if your smartphone is in silent mode or device volume level is down.

  • Lock - Lock your smartphone completely so no one can factory reset your smartphone and can be unlocked only by entering secret passphrase.

  • Erase - This will erase all your data present on your smartphone internal memory, make sure you are awake of what you were doing. This process is irreversible.

Note : You can easily find your stolen android smartphone only if your devices has internet connectivity enabled and data pack activated or connected to an WiFi hotspot to transmit information to the server.


Try visit Google and type in the input box " Find My Phone ", remember you need to be login into your Google Account to use this service.

If you have any problem in procedure then try to update all your android system updates and upgrades to improve services. Optimal: enable GPS for accurate geolocation details.
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