'Month: The Calender Widget' App Shows all events

Most of us don't know when does a particular event occur  and if we want to know when the events like birthdays occur we usually open social networking sites like Google+, Facebook or web applications like Google calender etc.  Whenever we open these websites or other apps for this purpose, they consume more time. So, in order to know what are the events that occur today without opening any websites, there is an app called Month: The Calender Widget.

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This is an app that shows every event on your home screen by adding widget to your homescreen. After downloading this app you have to add widget to your home screen. By default this app has some free themes to make calender widget  good looking. But, these themes pop up ads. To remove ads, you need to pay for an ad remover or buy the themes. It is recommended to buy themes instead of paying for ad remover. There are more than 70 themes available in the theme packs. You can also buy all themes at one price. This is the best app to know every event on one widget without checking anywhere else. This widget shows all calender events by default, which you have created in other calenders and accounts. You can disable calenders which you don't want. It also syncs Google account events.

calender widget

You can also see what are the previous and upcoming events and dates by tapping left and right arrows in the widget. You can also add a new event with time, date, place etc.  If you want to customize your widget with the theme that you want in the calender you can do so in the the app settings.

 calender settings calenders to display

Finally, calender applications are of two types. Some of the calenders are packed with more features and others have attractive widgets, but it is difficult to find both a calender which has more features and widgets. If you need a calender app with advanced features then this app may be not useful . If you a casual user then  this app will best suit you.

To download this app click on this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.candl.chronos&hl=en

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