Advanced Mobile Care improves android smartphone performance

Advanced Mobile Care is an All in one android app. This app gives security and performance optimization for android smartphone. It performs real-time protection, virus scans and also it have other features like battery saver, privacy locker,app manager, game speeder, task killer, anti- theft, call or sms blocker, privacy advisor and cloud backup. With these advanced features Advanced mobile care give a great protection to your smartphone and also it automatically protects from surfing in browser.

            Advanced mobile care Advanced mobile care

Advanced Mobile Care for android features:

Antivirus: This app protects from malware, viruses, spywares and gives real time protection to your smartphone. If you want, you can also schedule your scan at any time by selecting schedule scan.

Performance Optimization: This app scans all the tasks that are running, cache, junk files, big files, residual files, privacy records and it erases all the unnecessary data and increases performance.

Game Speeder: Since it increases  the performance, there wont be any lagging or disturbances while playing any games.

Battery Saver: This is a feature for saving the battery life and you can customize your own battery settings according to your usage. It informs battery usage by different apps, So that you can take any action.

App Manager: It manages and sorts apps according to your usage , you can uninstall those apps which are not necessary. This app manager has facility for deleting multiple apps at a time and also you can move apps from phone memory to memory card.

Task Killer: It shows the apps, which consumes more battery. You can kill all the apps with one only click easily.

Privacy Locker: It is like a private security for your files. In this there is a password to protect your files and you can lock or hide your files such as photos, videos,etc.

Privacy Advisor: It scans all the apps which are installed in your smartphone and shows which apps collects the information present in your device and also shows which apps access your phone without your permission.

Cloud Backup: It backups all your contacts and call logs, you can restore those later if you want.

Anti-Theft: This is a feature to find your device when you lost your phone. It traces the location of your phone and also you can delete data in the device by using this feature. For this you need to put Anti theft as your device administrator.

Call/Sms Blocker: In this you can block unwanted sms or calls, Once you put any number in blocking list it automatically blocks when it calls or sms you.

By all features are in one app, this app is the best one for security and performance for android smartphone.


Android Mobile Care is now known as 'AMC Security- Antivirus, Clean'. Play store download link

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