WhatsApp vs Hike messenger? [December 2014 UPDATE]

The present generation is highly interested in new technologies and many companies are investing a lot to take advantage of this demand for newer applications, games, etc. Sending messages, images, videos over the internet have all become quite regular now thanks to the recent development of applications such as Whatsapp and Hike. These two are the leading instant messaging applications for smart phones. Smart phones have become very common these days; everybody seems to have a smart phone. Smart phones these days are coming into the market with applications such as Whatsapp and Hike pre-installed, such is the demand for instant messaging! Whatsapp and Hike have become a selling point for many phones which are being sold these days. Let’s take a look at each of these applications:


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        Here are some of the common features of Whatsapp messenger.

  • Send conversation history to a contact.

  • Change the wallpaper of the chat box.

  • All the images, videos received over Whatsapp will be saved in your device.

  • Group Chat

  • Back up your conversations!

  • Share your location.


There have been quite a few new inclusions in Whatsapp over the past few months:

  • Privacy has been prioritized more with new privacy settings included in the updated version. In the new updated version, user now has the capability to avail the “Last seen” information to either everyone, only the contacts or nobody.

  • In the same way, the user can set restrictions for his/her status as well as the profile photo.

  • There is also a new service called “Pay for Friend’s Service” which allows the user to pay for a friend through Google Wallet.




Hike is another messaging application which is found commonly in smart phones. Hike is similar to Whatsapp in the sense, you can send images, videos, etc but Hike is more colourful and playful. Hike has a large number of smiley’s, stickers etc which are very attractive. Comparing with Whatsapp, Hike is more fun and playful.   Here are some of the common features of Hike messenger:

  • Stickers

  • Images, videos received will be saved in the phone memory.

  • Group Chat.

  • Share your location.

  • “Hike-to-sms” which allows you to send messages to ones who don’t have Hike installed in their phones.


  • HiddenMode2-2Hike also has given importance to the privacy of the users. Similar to Whatsapp, user now has the capability to limit the visibility of last seen, status updates to only particular people.

  • New Hidden Mode allows you have a private chat which is hidden and can only be accessed through a password.

  • This update has been a huge hit among the youth, privacy seems to be the most wanted feature!

  •  PDF, ZIP, Doc, PPT, APK and many more files can now be sent using Hike.

  • Files and videos of up to 100MB can be shared.


  • Hike is offering Unlimited Free SmS and this is all based on the amount of time you spend on Hike. So basically, the more you spend your time on Hike, the more message balance you get!

  • New languages Spanish, French, Russian and Portugese have been added.

  • PhotoCompression/Quality Option: You can now send images either of original size or compressed!

  • GroupChat: You can add upto 100 people in a group.

  • More than 400 new stickers. Everybody loves more stickers!


Both of these messengers are very popular among the youth. Both are very good messaging applications. Hike is more colourful and playful while Whatsapp provides a simple interface for the user. Its not a bad option to download both of them!
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