Chinese reveals world's first holographic smart phone

Takee, a sub brand of a Chinese company,Estar has revealed its world's first smart phone with pioneering eye-tracking holographic technology. It is a technology to track the position of the human eyes by tracing the eye angles, there by calculating the actual holographic image and able to appear as a 3 dimensional effect.



The device is provided with 4 front facing cameras which are able to track the eye angles and acts an air interface. The dual lens camera at the back side of the device is designed to collect, process the  holographic data. The game play in this device is going to be fun with an air interface. The video play back(3D) is going to be more realistic. And video calling is going to be more liveliness decreasing the distance of people.


chinese-manufacturer-takee-first-holographic-smart-phone2 chinese-manufacturer-takee-first-holographic-smart-phone3



Watch this video:
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