Best SEO Tools, every webmaster should know

Search Engine Optimization a.k.a SEO is basically a process of evaluating all the pages which are available on the internet and coming up with the best results possible that matter to the user.  Some of the best search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. If you want to learn more about what search engine is and how it operates,take a look at this video.

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Now for you to have a successful search operation, you need certain SEO tools to get the results you want.


Open Site Explorer:

seomoz_open_site_explorerThe internet contains billions of pages which are connected by links. The job of the open site explorer is to show the links which are connected to your website. This is necessary because the popularity of your website will be based upon the number of links which are connected to your site. Having the correct links connected to your site will increase the ranking of your site which will in turn increase the visitors to your page.

With Open Site Explorer, you can find out which links are connected to your site, you can fix any broken links and also have a peek at your competitors and the links attached to their sites. This sure is a great tool to utilize!


Ahrefs Site Explorer:

Ahrefs Site Explorer is another tool mainly used for backlink checking. It is quite a new tool in the market. You can request reports even if you are not registered; it offers up to 5 reports per guest. After the registration which is free of cost, you can have up to 15 reports per day. The report will be analysed and will contain information over the links which are connected to your site, any links which are either broken or misplaced, etc.


Google Page Speed

google pagespeedWebsites with good performance tend to be the ones at the top of the ranking list. With Google Page Speed you can get your PageSpeed score, analyze it and get suggestions to make your website a faster one. You can analyze and optimize your site with the help of the Google Page Speed tool. By having a fast page, you can attract more visitors and increase the traffic of your website.




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BuiltWith is another tool which will provide you the full information about a link. It provides detailed analysis and report. You can select a technology and BuiltWith will provide you its usage history in the web. You can see the trends and market share information.


W3C Link Checker

W3C Link Checker is a tool which you can use to check if a webpage is valid or not. This tool will give you that information. All you have to do is enter the URL which you are interested in and W3C Link Checker will tell you if the URL is valid or not, it also gives a full detailed report of that webpage which will contain errors and warnings with line and column numbers included.



SEO Browser


SEO Browser is a tool which will help you analyse and understand the component parts of a Webpage. Simply enter the link you are interested in and it will provide you information with which you can analyse and understand the component parts of the link. SEO Browser is fast and an efficient tool to use.



Google AdWords Keywords Tool


The Keyword toolkit is a tool through which you can expand search network campaign. You can search for a keyword and know its performance. This tool will also help you choose competitive bids and budgets. Keywords are very important part of publicizing your website. Perfect keywords will help your website get high rankings. With Keyword Planner you can improve your keywords and can also change your keywords depending on the location, language, etc.



WordTracker is another tool which is very useful in keyword research. It promises keywords that are good, save time, boost search engine ranking and also attract traffic to your site. Usually long keywords are likely to create more traffic compared to the short ones as the long keywords have lesser competition. WordTracker provides you with keywords and will help you with the long tail keywords. WordTracker Keyword tool gives 2000 keywords in a single search. Wordtracker helps you with lot of suggestions regarding keywords and also improve your website traffic.




UberSuggest is another tool to help you with keywords. All you have to do is write the term, choose a language and a source. Ubersuggest will take the base term, add a letter or digit in front of it and it will start giving out suggestions regarding the term. With this tool you can instantly get thousands of keywords.




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This is a tool with which you can find out how many times your website has been shared across the Internet. The count is derived from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. The result of these searches will take up to 20 minutes for a URL.



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SocialMention is search and analysis platform where it searches and analyses all the content on the web and converts into a single information stream. With this tool you can find out what other are saying about your site, or any topic across the Web. SocialMention monitors more than 100 social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.




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With Blogger Linkup, you can view listings without even registering! You can post a listing and you can also receive one! Blogger Linkup is a free service, so feel free to go post a listing! It’s quite a simple process! Take a look at these videos for detailed information!

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Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is fantastic way to increase your website traffic. It helps you analyze your user views and their needs. It shows you the whole user views across websites, social tools, Smartphone, etc. With tools like Traffic Source and Visitor Flow, you can find out from which device your users are accessing your site. Page Analytics also gives you an idea about how your audience interact with your site. You can view the details in the form of charts so that you can analyze your data much quicker.



Google Webmaster Tool

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This tool can be used get the data, tools that you need to increase traffic to your site. This tool also provides diagnostics about the site’s health such as errors, viruses, etc and also issues which are related to your site. It provides detail about your audience and also tells you about how they are accessing your site. It also provides suggestions with which you can make your site a much healthier one.




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WooRank is one of the best tools. With this you can get in-depth reports of your page, your usability, etc. With this tool you can compare how you are faring up with your competitors. You can get in-depth review of a particular internal page in your site. With this tool, you can monitor your site with in-depth analysis, insights, etc. It will provide you with a marketing strategy with which you can increase the traffic to your site.


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