OpenBLOOD, A platform to find Blood donors across the world

OpenBlood is a platform open to everyone, we help people who need blood for their survival anywhere around world. Donate blood! Save a life!

OpenBLOOD, A platform to find Blood donors across the world

In real time many people in the world need blood transfusion. In some cases blood units are served by the local blood bank, but when coming to rare blood groups types it is hard to find a donor in right time and as they are rare blood groups, the amount of rare blood units available at blood banks are very less, sometimes blood banks are hopeless.

In accidents, blood disease require transfusion, for example: "A Thalassemia patient need to transfusion blood for every two weeks throughout his life".

In these scenarios finding blood units is awkward, we are gentle and desire to do something, then we came up with OpenBLOOD. The main reason exactly why people will not donate blood is because nobody had ever enquired to these people to do so. In case you encourage people to donate blood.

On our website you can find people who are signed up as volunteer blood donor and to save a life.

OpenBLOOD was developed by Techzost.
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