How to pair Bluetooth headset to your Computer | Listen to the audio and use as microphone as well

bluetooth headset to computerHa..! You can use your device's Bluetooth headset to work with the windows default settings in the control panel. The only requirement you need to have is that your computer is Bluetooth enabled, and of course you'll need a Bluetooth headset. I recommend this only for voice calls over the internet since it lags the audio quality as the Bluetooth headset uses lowest transfer rate.

Usually most of the bluetooth devices come with the default password as 0000. So you need to enter it in your computer when asked so.

  1. Power off your bluetooth headset by long pressing the button until you could see the red LED glowing for three times and turns off.

  2. Now turn on by holding it for 8 seconds until you could see alternate LEDs blinking slowly.( Now the device is in visible mode ). [ Check the headset's manual if it didn't worked for you ]

  3. Now right click on the bluetooth icon in your notification panel and select "Add a bluetooth device". Windows searches the devices and select your device from the list.bluetooth headset2

  4. Enter the password if asked so. The default password is 0000 (Most of the bluetooth devices use it)

  5. Your bluetooth is now paired with your pc. Observe that the LED is continuously blinking or not.

  6. Now open your control panel (Start>control panel) and head over to 'sounds' or something like that. [ In my case it is "Sound" since i'm using Windows 8 machine ]

  7. Go to 'playback' tab and select your blue tooth device and set it as default. Do the same in the 'recording' tab too.bluetooth headset3

  8. Now you have successfully connected your bluetooth headset to your computer.

You can also use your bluetooth device in windows speech recognition and sound recorder. Have it a try.

If you are facing any problems, let us know by writing in the comment box.



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