Facebook vs Google Plus, which is popular?

Like vs +1 techzostAs we know that in the present world the social networking is growing rapidly day by day. This social networks helps the people to communicate with the friends, public etc all over the world and also helps the people to know what’s hot and what is happening all over the world. Some of the most popular social networks are Facebook and Google Plus. Now in the present generation every common people have a Facebook and Google Plus account.

we can see the growth of the Facebook given in a survey it has been increasing rapidly from its launch,


fb-icon techzost

August 26, 2008100 Millions
April 8, 2009200 Millions
July 21, 2010500 Millions
September 22, 2011800 Millions
October 4, 20121,000 Millions
March 31, 20131,110 Millions

Features of Facebook:

Friendship Page:
This page provides the information of all about your connection between you and a your particular friend. Some of the information can be shared only when you and you friend both are as friends on Facebook, Comments shared, mutual friends and photos in which you have been tagged can be seen.

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Like in the Facebook is to show the appreciation of the person about his status, post, photo, status etc.

Events allow users to add events, invite people like party invitations, weeding invitations, and then share photos and media in instantaneous from the event. The program is included with Google Calendar.

If any one shares a post on their wall, if you like it then you can share it as if you share it the status will be displayed on your wall.

Group Chat:
This group chat was newly introduced in the Facebook, the users were limited to one-on-one style chats. After the introduction of Group Chat, you can be able to chat with the people in the real time. This group chat feature is now being utilized by businesses person to conduct meeting, and to conduct and events.

In Facebook it allows you to download lots of apps like Twitter, Pose and Interest for Timeline so that you are able to accommodate your methods of sharing.

With Wordbook, it is accessible to cross-post your blog entries to your Facebook page. This is the absolute way to get added blog followers.

 Google Plus:

google-plus techzost Two main strengths of Google+'s social site are photography and its "Hangout" feature.

The growth of the Google Plus is as:

Jul 22, 201125 Millions
Dec 21, 2011150 Millions
Sep 18, 2012400 Millions
October 29, 2013540 Millions

Features of Google+:

Google+ lets you create different circles like friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances into which to place your contacts. By this the benefit is that you can share every moment of your personal experience without letting your interests know.

This Hangouts is the best feature of Google+ that allows you to have a virtual chat with your friends. It allows you to have a video chat with up to 10 of your friends and is supported by Linux, Mac and Windows.

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With Ripples, you are able to see absolutely how your posts advance beyond the site. Now you accept apperceive just how affecting you are.

+1 Button:
+1 Button is the as the same as the like in the Facebook, the amount of +1s a website has, has been correlated to higher Google search ranking.

Communities: Communities allow users to create ongoing conversations about particular topics.Google+ Communities can also be created and managed under Google+ Page accounts.

If any one shares a post on their wall, if you like it then you can share it as if you share it the status will be displayed on your wall.

You Tube:
Google Plus also provides to play a video from YouTube, you can search the YouTube  icon on the left side of the screen. A mouse slide over the icon, brings a bar asking what you want it to play, Just type in the name for the selection of related videos.

Let’s see the side by side comparison of these Social networks: Facebook vs Google Plus:

Facebook vs Google Plus techzost

FacebookGoogle Plus
News feedStream
FriendsCircles and Followers
NotificationsNotifications of all over around the Goggle
People you may knowFind people
      -----------------Audio and video hangouts
Shares photosShares photos
Share LinksShare Links
Share VideosShare Videos

As the Facebook has launched long ago compared to Google Plus, Google plus is just leading in the social Networking At present there are 41,39,830 followers on Google+.
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