PhotoFunia turn photos into art without Photoshop

Making photos into beautiful art is a creative and tough thing to do, without knowing Photoshop basic's. Some people always feel it hard to learn Photoshop. Here is a online tool for people like you. Photofunia is a online photo editing service [photofunia effect] and it completely free to use. Now anyone make their photos into creative art works, this application can also turn your photos into videos.

Photofunia has a simple user friendly interface which allow you to browse from 200+ of photo effects layouts, To get started you have to select a effect from the dashboard and browse and select your photo then click on upload, after uploading your photo will processed in seconds and download links will be shown.

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Photofunia official Windows 8 Application is available in windows store for free.

Goto > Store Photos > PhotoFunia

Download & Install Photofunia.

Creating your photos:

Now launch Photofunia Application from Windows 8.

Choose a effort

Upload your favorite photo & click GO.

your photo will be processed in few seconds and displayed, now you can save it.

Download Official site:

Windows store :

Photofunia is available on various platforms :

Download for Windows Phone

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Download for BlackBerry

Download for WebOS

Download for Symbian

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