With the release of 4G, is the iPhone 5 the ultimate gaming phone?

For the first time in a few years we are seeing the introduction of a new wireless network standard. In the last time it happened we saw massive changes in what phones were capable of and because of that there were equally massive shifts in what consumers thought phones could be or what they should be able to do. We are about to see something similar and with it we are going to witness a technological revolution.
With the release of 4G, is the iPhone 5 the ultimate gaming phone? - Techzost blog

4G means the fourth generation in the communication of the mobile networking area. It means that not only will data transfer become quicker, it will mean that the quality of phone calls will improve, the possibility of lost or dropped calls will lessen and, best of all, games will start to get better and better.

For those playing over a wi-fi connection, it's never been much of a problem, but for those using contracted data allowances, it can mean the difference between getting a win at the table and losing an entire evenings worth of chips. 4G stands to change all that and with it we will see the introduction of more exhilarating experiences for the handheld platform.

Many gaming sites that are available online through mobile phones are designed specifically to be as easy to load as possible, reducing lag, limiting the amount of data required and generally trying to be as phone friendly as possible. With 4G we will see an increase in the amount of data that can be transferred per minute, meaning that gaming site can begin to create games that require slightly more data transfer, in turn meaning that phone capabilities will have to increase to allow the sites and the games themselves to be able to deliver the best experience possible with iPhone 5.

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