Are LED lights transforming the CFL lighting culture

YES; LED lights transforming the CFL lighting culture:

LED or light emitting diodes are light sources which are electronically semiconductor in nature. In your daily lives you come across LEDs all around in the form of indicator lights on electrical devices. Initially, in 1962 LEDs were available only in the red color however in modern times these lights are available in many shades such as infrared, visible and ultra violet wavelengths of colors. Even if the initial use of LED was restricted to indicator on electrical devices, in the modern times LED is considered as an alternative source of lighting on a commercial basis.

Are LED lights transforming the CFL lighting culture - Techzost blog
The uses of LED’s have become so popular that they have now overtaken the market for CFLs as well.  CFL or compact fluorescent lamp had been invented to replace the neon tube lights which were widely used in the previous decade. CFL lamps rate are high on energy efficiency as they only use about one fifth of the electrical power used by regular neon tube lights.

LEDs have high brightness and are more efficient than regular CFLs and following are reasons why LED lights are transforming the CFL lighting culture.

High on Brightness, low on budget:

Since the LEDs follow the phenomenon of electroluminescence, and has a very small area it rates high on brightness and intensity of color. This makes LED lighting a more popular option as such small looking pretty lights can emit a bright light and illuminate the whole room. However the option of commercial LED lighting can be a little expensive as you will need to install many such lights for desired illumination. However LED rates quite a few solid points over regular lighting solution as it more power efficient, it lasts way longer than even CFLs, faster options for switching, physical hardiness and compact size.

Aesthetically preferable:

The current generation always wants exclusive and elusive celebrations. And LED lighting has proven to be quiet a popular way of party decoration. More popularly known as fairy lights, LEDs has completely replaced CFLs as party d├ęcor. These tiny lights which give a very beautifully lit warm atmosphere are also an economic option for decoration and are eye pleasing as well. So this is like a double point score, thus people are opting of LED lighting solution for decoration purpose as it goes easy on budget and scores on the aesthetics similarly.

Durable and sturdy:

The compact size of the LED is also a reason why these are preferred over big CFL bulbs. The compactness of their size makes them sturdier and thus more durable. This means you can use these energy efficient lights for a longer duration.

These are few instances which show that how these tiny blasts of light and color have completely transformed the CFL lighting culture and introduced a whole new genre of illumination on a commercial basis. The LEDs are not only easy on our pockets as they are cost and power saving but also since the use a fraction of the power as their regular counterparts they also helps us save the nature.

Guest post by Naven, who contribute for Nice LED lights peimar led lighting.


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