HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card: A Comprehensive Review

In the fast-paced world of credit cards, the HDFC Regalia Gold stands out as a shining beacon of rewards and benefits. Whether you're a seasoned credit card user or a newcomer to the world of plastic, this comprehensive review will delve into the intricacies of the HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card, unveiling its features, rewards, and everything in between.

HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card: A Comprehensive Review
HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card: A Comprehensive Review

Unveiling the Regalia Gold: A Closer Look

Let's kick off our exploration by understanding what sets the HDFC Regalia Gold apart. Launched in 2023 as an upgraded version of the already popular HDFC Regalia Credit Card, it now stands just below the prestigious HDFC Infinia and Diners Club Black Credit Cards. But what makes it worthy of attention?

Welcome Benefits and Charges

Joining Fees:

₹2500 + GST or FYF (Upgrade)

Welcome Benefits:

  1. Gift Voucher worth ₹2500 (Paid Cards)
  2. Complimentary Club Vistara Silver Tier and MMT Black Elite Membership

Renewal Fees:

₹2500 + GST

Renewal Benefits:


Renewal Fee Waiver:

Spend ₹4L or more in a year.

HDFC surprises by doing away with reward points on both welcome and annual benefits, an unexpected move for a premium, reward-centric travel card.

Navigating the Rewards Landscape

Now, let's dive into the heart of the matter—the reward points system.

Reward Points Accrual

Spends Area Reward Rate Maximum Capping per Calendar Month
All retail* spends 4 Reward Points per ₹150 spent (1X) No capping
Marks & Spencers, Myntra, Nykaa & Reliance Digital 20 Reward Points per ₹150 spent (5X) 5000 per month on 4X accelerated points

*Except for Fuel, Rental Payments, Packers and Movers, Government Transactions, Wallet loads, and Easy EMI transactions.

But here's the twist – reward points are valid only for 2 years from the date of accumulation. Insurance and grocery transactions have their own caps, ensuring you navigate the rewards landscape strategically.

SmartBuy Benefits

HDFC introduces a dedicated portal named SmartBuy, adding an extra layer to your rewards game.

Accelerated Reward Rate Maximum Reward Points per Calendar Month Maximum Reward Points per Day
Upto 10X 4000 2000

SmartBuy supports merchants like Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, IGP, Apple Tresor, and more. It's a treasure trove for additional rewards and cashback.

Decoding Reward Points Redemption

The journey doesn't end with earning points; redemption is where the magic happens.

HDFC Bank Regalia Gold’s Unified SmartBuy Portal

Modes of Redemption Value per point Reward Rate Redemption Charges
Exclusive Gold Catalogue (Apple, Samsung, Bose & other vouchers) 1 RP = ₹0.65 ~1.73(1X), ~8.66(5X), ~17.33(10X) ₹99 + GST
Flights and Hotel bookings via SmartBuy 1 RP = ₹0.5 ~1.33%(1X), ~6.65%(5X), ~13.3%(10X) ₹99 + GST
Products and Vouchers via Netbanking or SmartBuy 1 RP = upto ₹0.35 ~0.93%(1X), ~4.65%(5X), ~9.3%(10X) ₹99 + GST
Cashback (Statement Credit) 1 RP = ₹0.20 ~0.53%(1X), ~2.65%(5X), ~5.3%(10X) None
Airmiles/Hotel Loyalty Points 1 RP = up to 0.50 Miles/ Points Minimum ~1.33%(1X) None

A redemption value chart guides you through the intricacies, ensuring you make the most of your points.

Unlocking Milestone Benefits

The journey becomes even more rewarding as we explore the milestone benefits, adding substantial value to your card usage.

Get ₹1,500 Gift Voucher

  • Marriott, Myntra, Marks & Spencer, or Reliance Digital
  • Spend 1.5 Lakhs in every calendar quarter.

Flight Vouchers Galore

  • ₹5,000 worth of flight vouchers when you spend ₹5 Lakhs in an anniversary year.
  • An additional ₹5,000 worth of flight vouchers when you spend ₹7.5 Lakhs in an anniversary year.

An anniversary year is a 12-month period from card setup or the last upgrade/downgrade date.

The Extra Perks and Benefits

As we navigate through the HDFC Regalia Gold, it's essential to shed light on the additional perks that make this card a true gem.

Airport Lounge Access

  • Complimentary Domestic Limit: 12 Visits/ Calendar year within India (Shared between Primary & maximum 3 Add-on cardholders).
  • Network: Visa Signature/ MasterCard World

Priority Pass for International Travels

  • Complimentary International Limit: 6 Visits/ Calendar year (Shared between Primary & Add-on cards).

Airport Transfers

  • Avail 1 voucher per booking through the Regalia Gold Unified Smartbuy portal.
  • Unique voucher system for airport pick-and-drop service.

Good Food Trail Program

  • Up to 20% savings on all restaurant bill payments via Swiggy Dineout (20k+ restaurants).
  • Offer inclusive of Restaurant and Swiggy Discount, valid only on payments via the Swiggy App.

Insurance Coverage

  • Accidental air death cover worth Rs. 1 Crore
  • Emergency overseas hospitalization: up to Rs. 15 lakhs
  • Lost Card Liability Cover: Upto Rs 9 lakhs

Concierge Services

  • Exclusive 24/7 Concierge Services for Regalia Credit Card holders.

Forex Markup Charges

  • FCY Markup Fee: 2%+GST
  • Reward Rate: 1.3%
  • Net: –1% (loss)

Eligibility Criteria: Are You In?

Officially, the bank has the following criteria, but your relationship with the bank might sway the eligibility in your favor.

For Salaried Indian national

  • Age: Min 21 years & Max 60 Years
  • Net Monthly Income > Rs 1 Lakh

For Self Employed Indian national

  • Age: Min 21 years & Max 65 Years
  • ITR > Rs 12 Lakhs per annum.

Unofficially, If you are an existing HDFC Credit Cardholder with a 3L limit, you can ask for an upgrade.

In Summary: Is the HDFC Regalia Gold Your Golden Ticket?

The HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card indeed emerges as a highly rewarding and lifestyle credit card, acting as the gateway to the HDFC twins. With an upgraded list of transfer partners, travel vouchers, and complimentary

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