Remove Duplicate Bookmarks in Google Chrome

Had You saved bookmarks twice as duplicates in your bookmarks manager or Sync errors caused duplicate bookmarks.? Well as these bookmarks are present in folders, sub-folders, individuals, we can't find duplicate bookmarks easily, This may take many hours to Remove Duplicate Bookmarks depending on number of bookmarks you have.

Sometimes your bookmark links may also expires (domain may expire) or it doesn't works or it becomes old. If your bookmarks are uncountable you can't find duplicates manually. We found an extension called "Bookmark Checker", Which Removes Duplicate Bookmarks  in your Google Chrome browser.

Procedure to Install and Find Duplicate Bookmarks:

  1. Install 'Bookmark Checker' extension from this link.

  2. Click on 'Add to chrome' button to add extension to chrome. It shows a icon right to the URL box.

  3. Click on that icon open the extension.

  4. Now, it shows dialog box. click on scan now button to scan duplicate bookmarks, errors, etc.

  5. You can also change time, mode of scan, number of threads in preferences.

  6. After finishing of scanning, it will show the final result of all duplicate bookmarks, bad links, errors.

  7. You can delete those duplicate bookmarks easily by this extension.

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