Must know health and fitness tips for women

1. Health and Fitness tip : Pay attention to your diet Eat more frequently but in small amounts. 

Thinking of skipping meals will reduce your weight is completely wrong, its not going to help you in reducing, instead you may get other side effects. Eat right food at right time, avoid eating at late night.

2. Health and Fitness tip : Bring out the Iron Woman, 

Iron and folic acid are very important for every adult woman, meet is the best source of iron, Iron give boost to body for production of Red blood cells and nerves and muscles functionally gets improved. Iron is rich in spinach, oranges, lemon, beans, chicken and fresh fruit juices consider adding these to your daily food habits to boost your body Health and Fitness levels.

3. Health and Fitness tip : Get some Calcium 

Calcium helps your bone to be stronger, as women ages they trends to lose calcium from their bones. To maintain calcium level in your body eat sufficient eggs and curd and drink more milk and byproducts of milk.

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4. Health and Fitness tip : Keep moving As we are human, our body are build to work, run and play. 

But these day lifestyles are different. Many people used to sit for long hours. Avoid sitting continuously and those who had to sitting in front of computer screens, take short intervals and move around for some fresh air. Even half an hour of exercise daily is good for body.

5. Health and Fitness tip : Hook on to Cardio Stay fit and keep your heart health, get good amount of cardio daily. 

If joining Gym is compressive for you. Then try doing simple things like taking stairs instead of lift, try to stretch your body a bit by doing summing, running, pilates, yoga etc. Yoga is widely followed but many people to stay stress free, Health and Fitness.