iReff app helps you to know about recharge tariff plans

Every time when you are trying to recharge your mobile, you need to know the plans of your operator, cost and its validity. These plans are changing every month. So, you need to know the plans by going to the retailer or from internet. When you are searching in the internet, it is a little bit complex to find what are the offers of that month. Because every website doesn't holds full information of plans. So, for all these problems here is a solution with one app called 'iReff'. This app show all plans and offers of a particular operator. But, it shows only for the prepaid users of any operator. You no need to ask the customer care for offers or plans. iReff app is available to Android, Windows, BlackBerry and iPhones users.

When ever you installed iReff app on your smartphone, you have to select your Network operator and its telecom circle. Then it shows all offers according to their category (shown as tabs). Here the categories are topup, sms, local, data (either 2g/3g) , etc. These are arranged in well known manner. You need to select a category that which your recharge belongs. For example, if you want to know about 3G internet plans of airtel sim. Firstly you need to select your operator and its circle (which means your state) in the app. After that it shows all the categories which i mentioned above. Among all those categories, tap on 3G tab then it shows all 3G plans of airtel. These plans are shown with price ,validity and data( which means how much amount of data will be given for a particular plan). You can also know other plans such as roaming, night, FRC's. These are available in others tab which is present at the last.

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If you don't know the category of your plan, you can search in the search box which is present at the top right corner of the screen. Then it shows all plans regarding your search. Before going to search, you must have to select the operator and its circle. In this app you can also check the USSD codes and customer care numbers of all operators. Not only in app you can also see these offers and plans in iReff website too. If you want to see these plans in the website you need to go through this website:

After opening this website you have to choose the operator and circle then click on view plans. Now, it shows all the plans of your selected operator according the categories as same as the application. This app and website shows the plans in monthly wise but it doesn't shows the festival offers, limited offers etc. So, you need to check those plans before you are going to recharge. But, for monthly offers, this is the best app with time saving and easy to use.

To download iReff Application:

Android click here

Windows click here

Blackberry click here

iPhone click here
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