Get Rs.20 Free recharge for every referral in 'Ultimate FreeB' app

Previously 'Ultimate FreeB' app is named as 'FreeB' and now it is modified and updated with some more extra features. This app giving free recharges for downloading apps. Not only recharges it is also giving coupons for buying in different sites and apps. This app different from all other free recharge apps. By this app, you can download videos and there is no need of any registration for this app. But, this app is available only for android users.

Steps to get free recharge:

  1. Download and install 'Ultimate FreeB' app from here

  2. When you open this app, it show some tabs at the top of the screen. In those, first tab shows Offers. In this you have to download the apps to get free recharges.

  3. Now, if you slide left on your screen, you will see the Deals. This tab is having coupons from different online shopping sites and videos. you can buy those coupons and download the videos by using FreeB coins and free recharge money.

  4. Third tab in this app is Portal, which is having whatsapp videos and images. You can download them without any cost.
    freeb-free-recharge-techzost.jpg   freeb1-free-recharge-techzost.jpg    freeb-free-recharge-techzost.jpg

  5. If you are having enough free recharge money and also wanna to recharge your mobile (prepaid/postpaid) or DTH or Data Card or Landline, you can recharge by using fouth tab called Recharge.

  6. Last tab in this app is Invite tab. By using this tab, you can invite your friends to earn more money. For every friend who joins and earns some money through your referral link, you will get Rs.20 and 50 FreeB coins and also you can earn 10% of your friends earnings( For example, if your referred friend earned Rs.11 in their account, then Rs.1 amount will be credited to your account.)

  7. You can see all your money and FreeB coins at the top left corner of the screen.

Note: In case if you are not getting any referral reward use 'Claim Invite Reward' Option to redeem your referral reward.
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