Is SwiftKey cloud better than Google Keyboard

We are living in an era, in which we see a lot of development every moment in software sector. Every second a new idea is born, but coming to android development side here we owe to see how the developers provides us with new applications that are more powerful and ease of use. In this post we gonna see about keyboards and below we gonna find out which is best suitable for us based on usage and flexibility it provides for all users.

There are tons of keyboards software available in the market based on mobile and tablets. I really miss the days when i used my device for social networking sites to chit chat with my girlfriend and friends. I just found swipe keyword was best for me because of its prediction thinking it provides. It auto fills my words by its prediction. Here we gonna find out which is best keyboard swift keys vs swipe keys In his short life span swift keys has improved its keyboard a lot by giving excellent features and smooth delivery of usage. Its voice input and predictive input was really a good one. Google has released its own keyboard called Google keyboard of version Android 4.2, and know Google gonna provide this to all its android users at free of cost


[caption id="attachment_7175" align="aligncenter" width="628"] Android L keyboard on the left and SwiftKey on the right. / © AndroidPIT[/caption]

If we wanna rate in terms of stars, I would like to rate 4.5 stars for swiftkeys. Because of smooth delivery it provides and 4 stars for swype keys. Both keyboards are similar comes with same UI differences and provides different themes of colours in package.

Firstly I prefer swift keyboard because of layout it provides, it gives a catchy look, it has QWERTY keyboard and the user can easily access its special characters and numbers with one touch. Moreover when we comes for swype keyboard the prediction is not that accurate and sometimes it misses the word and irritates the user in fast typing, Swype predictions are not that efficient but by lot of practice, I think user can improve his performance on that. Overall swiftkey has better performance and good catchy layout; it’s free of cost available in android market. Swiftkeys gives good prediction and voice input. And the numbers and special characters are easily accessible

Download directly from Google Play store :

SwiftKey Keyboard + EmojiGoogle Keyboard

I give swiftkey keyboard 4.3 of 5 stars. I would like to have your personal review and wanna know your experience, write down your reviews and comments below....stay tuned for further new upcoming posts.

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