How to remove shortcut virus, .ink virus from USB Pendrive

shortcut usb pendrive virusSometimes when you plug in your pen drive into system, all your files and folders are disappear. Nothing more just shortcuts you see. It's simple to fix this problem.

  1. Firstly, plug in your pen drive or any other external device effected by the virus.

  2. Scan that device with any updated antivirus and remove the virus if found.

  3. Goto My computer and right click on that device.For example if your pen drive is E: drive, right click the drive E: and select explore.

  4. Delete the virus manually  if virus is still in there. This step need little experiences to know which one.

  5. Now open the command prompt (CMD) directly by pressing the windows key and letter 'R' (win + R) and type 'cmd' and enter.

  6. After that type this command as " CD \ "

  7. Change directory to the external device with this command. For example if your pen drive is drive E:  then type E:\

  8. To delete all shortcut with command, type as "DEL *.lnk "

  9. To Change attributes for all files and folders type " ATTRIB -A -S -R -H /S /D ".   that's it.

Note: please make sure before you're going to enter your enter your external device. If you are trying to fix drive E:\  the changes made to drive E:\. If you in drive C:\ you will know what happen, big mistake. my advice just follow step by step my tutorial.
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