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Now a days smartphone is common for all people including kids. Most of the people are using smartphones and spending more time on them by playing or surfing the internet. Parents are worried about the kids who are spending more time on smartphones. But most of the parents don't know what their kids do with the smartphone or how to get the information regarding different applications used or websites visited by their kid. So, they need to know how their kids are utilizing the smartphone and they need to control their child from getting addicted to the smartphone. For this there is an app named "TimeAway". This app gives all information about the smartphone's utilization.

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TimeAway is one of the best android parent control app for controlling kids smartphones. There are many apps to monitor or limit the usage of smartphone by children, but they offer only few features like setting limitations for apps, scheduling dinner time, bed time, etc. But this TimeAway app gives almost all features for free. To use this app parents and kids must have smartphones with working internet connection and they should activate this app on their smartphones. This app helps in knowing what the kids are doing with their smartphones. To use this app parent and kids need to signup the account on TimeAway app. With one account a parent can monitor limited devices but this is enough for one family.  Any user of your smartphone can uninstall this app. So, to prevent deletion of account from unauthorized users, it asks to enter 5 digit password after registering.

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Features of this Android app:

  • A parent can have access to 6 devices per account

  • Shows every activity and usage in a day as device time summary

  • Traces the current location of kid's using maps

  • It can block the app which kid is using more.

  • Lock the smartphone when the child spends more time on it.

After logging into parent account in the parent phone, it will show all the apps used or games played by the kid according to the time spent on an application or game. So, the parent can control their kids by blocking those apps or setting time limit for the apps. This app will give access to parents to set schedule for school time, bed time. It can pause or close apps or games on the kid's smartphone during some events like dinner,bed time, etc.

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One of the special feature of this app is  that parent can see the current location of the kid, when he/she carries smartphone with them and also parent can limit the usage of apps in smartphone.

To download this app click on this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.timeaway&hl=en
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