Hike Messenger app features review 2014

Hike is one of the most popular app for instant messaging. It was developed by Bharti SoftBank, equal partnership between India's Bharti Telecom and Japan's Softbank telecom provider. Hike messenger was initially launched in 2012. Now it as became one of the top most Instant Messaging app. Till now hike reached more than 15 million users. Hike is available for smartphones, Symbian and some java mobile phones. It has more features than other instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, viber, line etc..  Hike has a special feature that we con't see in Whatsapp or other IM apps, it is you can also send messages others who doesn't installed hike or if the hike user is not available online then your message is sent as SMS for free of cost.

Get Started:

In hike messenger, you can send sms to your friends even when they are online or offline. Online means you can send unlimited sms from hike to hike all over the world and from hike to any one in all over the India using free sms . But, these free sms is limited. While coming to offline, you can send sms to your friend like a regular sms.  You can increase the limited free sms by inviting your friends. For every friend who joins with your invitation you will get 50 free sms . Not only sms you can also get hike rewards for inviting friends, you can get 20 rs per a successful invite. By default you get 10 rs for joining the hike. But, these hike talk time rewards may be expires after certain time. You can see rewards expiry date in terms & conditions.

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Hike is very simple and easy to use. If you install this app first time, it asks to enter your mobile number. After entering mobile number hike will send a sms which contains a four digit pin for an android user and 6 digit pin for iPhone user.

You have to enter that pin to verify your mobile number, then it asks to enter your name with a welcome note. After entering the name, the registration process is completed.

hike mobile number    hike pin    Screenshot_2014-09-18-21-40-15



Features and Use:

Hike new features are group chat, sharing audio or video files, voice messages, you can communicate with your friends using hike to hike sms, not only media files you can send other files such as pdf, zip, doc. You can share files up to 100 mb each and also you can express your feelings with stickers. These stickers are arranged according to the category, you have to download them. If you want to search your friend to send sms, you can search by clicking on '+' symbol which is present at the top of hike. When you tap on the '+' button you can see the people who are having hike account and others who doesn't have hike account shown as sms contacts and also you can search your friend either by name or mobile number. There is another feature in this app is 'Nudge'. Firstly Nudge is used in Facebook to poke a person. If you want to send Nudge to your friend in hike you can send by double tapping any where in the chat. When ever you send a sms to your friend, this app shows notifications like read, sent, delivered when your friend read the sms and also if your friend starts typing to send sms it willl shows 'Typing' notification.

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hike nudge    hike stickers   hike themes

In hike, there is a timeline to post your status or to express your feelings. But, only your favourite list friends can see your timeline. You can add and manage your favourite list friends in favourites option in drop down menu and also there another feature is that you can change your chats with attractive themes. using hike, block other friends, turn off last seen status and hide profile picture from others, who have your mobile number. You can also set hike messenger as default messenger to send and receive messages using unified inbox.

hike hiding mode   hike hide chat   hike lock pattern

Hike protects your chats from others, using pattern lock password. By enabling lock feature it hides your chats from others who spy on your mobile phone. You can set password by tapping on the hike logo, which is preset at top left corner of the screen. If you are using this lock first time, it shows quick setup to select chats, whom you want to hide from others. Then it hides your chats and now it asks for draw pattern to unlock the chats. Once you draw the pattern you have reconfirm the pattern so that your lock setup has been completed. If you want to see your hidden chats, you can see by tapping the hike logo and entering the password.

Download hike messenger

For android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bsb.hike&feature
For Windows: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-in/store/app/hike-messenger/b4703e38-092f-4144-826a-3e3d41f50714
For iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/hike-messenger/id568038211?mt=8
For Symbian Phones: http://store.ovi.com/content/336961?clickSource=publisher+channel&channel=&pos=1

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