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ARAMEX-shop-and-ship-techzostAlways fascinated by products sold in foreign countries but couldn't buy them because they couldn't be shipped to your place? Well, we have a solution for that now. You can now buy foreign products which will be shipped straight to your house. All of this is possible because of ‘Shop and Ship’. With SnS, you can now buy products from countries like the US, the UK, China, Turkey, the UAE, South Africa, Hong Kong and Germany and you can have the items shipped straight to your living room. And all this can be done at an affordable price which makes the deal much sweeter. Isn't that what you always wanted?

Firstly, you have to register for a Shop and Ship Lifetime Membership. How this works is that ‘Shop n Ship’ has 9 personalised addresses in New York, London, Shanghai, Istanbul, Dubai, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Johannesburg and Frankfurt. Once you buy a product, that product will be shipped to one of these locations. Once the product has reached this location, you will receive an email and the product will then be shipped to your household after paying the shipping fees. It is quite a simple process and is very affordable.

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The rates are calculated based on the weight of the shipment. There are two zones, zone 1 consisting of US, UK, China, Hong Kong, South Africa and Germany while zone 2 consists of India, UAE and Turkey. The shipping rate for India starts from $7.50 per Half-Kilo and an additional $6 for every half-kilo thereafter.
Buying products in foreign countries and letting the items being shipped to your household can be a risky business. There might be a concern about the products getting damaged or lost. In that case, the ‘shop n ship’ provides a service called SnS Protect which will replace or protect against the loss of any shipment between $100 and $2500. This is an impressive service provided by SnS which will make you feel safe about purchasing foreign products. There are some materials which cannot be purchased such as plants, drugs, and electronic items containing laser, weapons, and any products which are prohibited by the respective countries.

Extensive details can be found at the official website of Shop and Ship.
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