Moto 360 features, why it is the best smartwatch.?

Moto 360 is the first smartwatch made by motorola which is powered by Android Wear operating system.Android wear OS is specifically designed for smart watches.Moto 360 has Circular screen unlike LG G watch and Samsung Gear Live's square screens which are other smart watches running on Android wear.It pairs with Android smartphone through Bluetooth.


Design and build quality :

Moto 360 body is made up of stainless steel and sapphire Glass screen and high quality Leather strap.The diameter of the device is 46mm, which should be able to accommodate a 1.8-inch diameter screen.

At a glance Moto 360 has very premium look and feel because of circular screen, glossy steel and soft leather.The wrist strap is detachable and we can choose between leather or stainless steel straps.

Motorola made a circular screen smart watch because 80 to 85% of wrist watches sold in the world are of circular dial design.Still there are no official words about the exact dimensions and other hardware features like processor, ram, battery and other internals.It is touted to be releasing on this summer.


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android wear moto 360 - techzostAndroid wear :

Android Wear is a new platform that extends Google's leading smartphone software to the body starting with the wrist in the form of smartwatches.Google has given it’s presentation on android wear’s UI and functionalities in Google I/O conference which was held on 25th june in san franciso.It pairs with android smartphones having 4.3 and higher android versions.

moto 360 ui - techzost

It's shaping up to be as fashionable and functional.Thanks to support for both round and square watch faces, as seen on the circular Moto 360 and boxy LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live.

You can have a sneak peek on android wear OS below.

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Users will receive all their notifications like Hangouts,weather,travel updates, facebook, whatsapp,twitter etc., messages and other important alerts and updates through Google Cards.We can swipe away the card after reading.The best part of it is the “OK Google” hot word detection. Yes, you have heard it right,and it is great to hear that moto 360 is always listening to your words and moves.

You can ask any info regarding weather,notifications,reminders etc., stuff.We have already seen this kind of feature in Moto X where it can respond to “OK Google Now” word even when the phone is locked.


Moto 360's key features :

  • Stainless steel Body.

  • Attractive Circular screen dial.

  • OLED display with sapphire glass.

  • Water resistant body.

  • Pairs with android phones with 4.3 and higher.

  • Built in Microphone.

  • Removable leather and stainless steel bands with multiple color choices.

  • Screen rotates either way. we can wear it on left or right wrists and the screen rotates in both orientations.


Pricing and availability :

As announced by Motorola the smart watch is going to be released in this summer and global rollout in the following months.Still there are no words yet on pricing.The LG G watch is priced at 229$ and Samsung Gear Live costs 199$. So we can roughly estimate that moto 360 may cost around 200 to 250$ price range.Even though if it is priced higher, the design and build quality are worth to pay for.We don’t know the exact date of availability in India,but we will keep you updated about it’s release and pricing.


Final Words:

Highly Anticipated Moto 360 is making millions of customers worldwide to wait for it.I honestly believe that Moto 360’s design and build quality is obviously superior than it’s counterparts G watch and gear live.Having an iconic circular screen draws attention and looks appealing than average looking square screens.

moto 360 square screens - techzost

Whatever the features may be,the wrist watch is still considered as a luxury device by majority of customers worldwide.Moto 360 is  a step forward than others in terms of Design,quality.And as the Android wear is designed for circular screens too as well.So the performance of 360 is no doubt a buttery smooth experience.

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Moto360 spotted on flipkart 

Motorola’s moto 360 is going launch in India.We have spotted it on Indian online shopping giant Flipkart, its first time moto 360 spotted in indian ecommerce website, but their is no official price and availability details.


UPDATE: We had found two moto 360 listings on Flipkart (24/12/2014) :


Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch (Grey) - Rs. 18,000


Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch (Black) - Rs. 18,000


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