Google Adsense EFT Launched for Indian publishers

Google-Adsense[1]Google Adsense has introduced a new system in India for the payment of the Adsense earnings and its named as the EFT.  Its stands for Electronic Fund Transfer. This payment system is now available in India for very few publishers accounts.

This payment system will be available for all the publishers in a few months upon finishing of beta testing.

EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) is the process where you can get your earnings directly to your bank account, however the EFT payment system was already introduced in some of the countries, till before this system was introduced, the Adsense publishers were getting their payments through the check payment method  The checks should be paid within the time limit of 3 to 4 days, it takes only 3 days to deliver a check in any part of India, but it has become a big issue for publishers the checks are being paid by almost 2 -4 weeks, since there are issue and delay in delivering checks in India this (EFT) process makes no worrying about your payment.


The Adsense EFT payment is easy method for getting the Adsense payment, the payment will be processed within the seconds this method will be implemented soon in India for all other publishers. If you want to get upgraded to new payment mode EFT than go to this forum discussion link  and just reply “please include my account in the wire transfer beta"
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