Update your smartphone to Android 4.4 kitkat apps

nexus 5 running kitkat android 4.4If you using Android phone, if your smartphone is of older version of Android, then no problem there is an update to 4.4 kitkat for all smartphone. Few days back Android new Operating System 4.4v has been launched which has the best features and some new designs this software is designed in a such a way that it can be installed on smartphone models of low processor and Ram memory low as 5l2 MB,  this is just better than the previous android versions (such as jelly bean android 4.4).

The Nexus 5 users will be happy because it has been rolled Android 4.4 kitkat by XDA developers, the Nexus 4 is also found to be very  lucky as Google will roll out 4.4v update for Nexus 4. Only the android versions of 4.1 (jellybean) and above than 4.1 versions of Operating Systems can be updated to 4.4 (kitkat).

The key features you can experience on update to 4.4 are:

  • Improved battery usage

  • Supports 4k resolution

  • Multisensory user experience

  • Supports tri-core cpu

  • Improved performance and security
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How to get updated to 4.4 kitkat apps

First you have to download the file (download here) zip launcher 4.4, then after downloading unzip the file and you can find the 3 APKs

  • GoogleHome.apk

  • Velvet.apk

  • PrebuiltGmscore.apk


after that transfer these APKs to your smartphone then install them from your file manager in the order PrebuiltGmscore.apk, Velvet.apk, GoogleHome.apk all the three files have to be installed in the same order launch then press the Home button on your and launch the setup.

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In case if you face any problem uninstall all the apps and updates from the Google Play and then try installing the APKs this should set up your new launcher.

LG G2, HTC One, Xperia Z these mobiles are presently confirmed for Android kitkat 4.4 ROMs but when this ROM is installed you may face the issues like camera and GPS doesn't work, this may be fixed soon. But the software work perfectly on Nexus smartphones.
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