How to use apktool in your android device

Apktool is a widely used tool for decompiling and recompiling an apk file which has available in personal computers. It has made available for your android device by evanlocked. This tool is of great use when you have to quickly apply the changes to your existing apk directly from your mobile.apktool

Note :

This tool is only for the rooted devices.

We will not held responsible if any damage occurs to your device while using it.

Decompiling may degrade the performance of your device and may loose the stability. So, Use it on your own risk!

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How to install apktool?

  1. First you have to download the two things : i) apktool and ii) apktool armel

  2. Extract apktool armel. You will find apktool folder.

  3. Copy that apktool folder to your root of your sdcard. This could look like this sdcard/apktool

  4. Now make a newfolder in apktool directory. It should look like this sdcard/apktool/newfolder

  5. Copy your device's framework-res.apk and twframework-res.apk in the new folder directory.

  6. Install the apktool in your device. Grant the root permissions.

  7. Open apktool and browse to the folder sdcard/apktool/newfolder . Tap on framework-res and select "import as framework". Do the same for  twframework-res.apk

  8. Now you have setup the apktool.

  9. If you wish to modify any apk file, put into the apktool directory and do whatever you wish.

apktool1 apktool2

source: xda

Credits: evanlocked
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