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Is Oneplus 7, Oneplus 7 Pro is a waterproof smartphone

Oneplus7 Pro
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Oneplus has a smartphone company had came Top International brand, in all terms of design, build quality, camera, performance and operating system stability of the Smartphone had been become better with year after year.

Oneplus7 pro

Oneplus 6 and Oneplus 6T was a big boost to company in terms of trustability and popularity of the smartphone. Oneplus 6 , Oneplus 6T are priced at 37,999 rupees (~$534), 34,999 rupees (~$492) respectively. Oneplus ownership in India is 33% which was second to Samsung by 34% in the year 2018. Oneplus 7, Oneplus 7 Pro are highly anticipated smartphones of 2019.

Oneplus 7, Oneplus 7 Pro is said to be unveil on 14th May’ 2019. Officially declared date is similar to leaks and rumors found surfing on web.

Oneplus7 bucket water challenge
Oneplus7 bucket water challenge

Well keeping rumours apart, the Oneplus had confirmed one thing that Oneplus7 and Oneplus7 Pro waterproof smartphone but they are not going to make it IP certification, which makes the price up.

Oneplus7 Water resistant smartphone without IP rating.

There are various rumours, which are pumping high expectations hold on till 14th May’ 2019.

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